THE CHARM THE FURY – veroeffentlichen neues Lyric-Video zu ’Weaponized’

Die aus Amsterdam, Holland stammende Metalband THE CHARM THE FURY haben das neue Lyric-Video zu ihrem Song ‚Weaponized‘ veröffentlicht. Der Song stammt von ihrem kürzlich veröffentlichten Album »The Sick, Dumb & Happy«.

Die Band kommentierte: „Love is one of those things songwriters and global media conglomerates just can’t get enough of. You can’t listen to the radio without being bombarded with sappy love songs. You can’t pick up a magazine or watch TV without being barraged with advertisements promising you to become more attractive, better looking, smelling better than anyone else. In short: something the opposite sex simply can’t resist.

What’s often overlooked is that ‘love’ in the modern age has become an industry, designed in boardrooms, by people looking to push a product or image on you. A tool designed to keep consumers in check. And those that do not fit the norm end up feeling left out and misplaced. Victims of an industry.”