Pre-order for »FULL CIRCLE – Last Exit Rock´n´Roll« Blue-Ray started!

Andy Brings, front man, singer and guitarist for DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME started the pre-order of his autonomously produced movie »FULL CIRCLE – Last Exit Rock´n´Roll« as Blue-Ray. A movie about seeking the truth, by and with Andy Brings featuring SKID ROW, Doro Pesch, Tom Angelripper (SODOM), Liz Baffoe and many more.

Pre-order the »FULL CIRCLE – Last Exit Rock´n´Roll« movie as Blue-Ray here: https://FullCircle.lnk.to/BluRay
Official movie trailer 2018 »FULL CIRCLE – Last Exit Rock´n´Roll«https://youtu.be/pbe9ewDB4NE

“If I would have known what this movie is getting on… but you cannot prepare for this. The universe has loved and supported the idea since day one and one more highlight was definitely DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROM’s video shoot with Scotti Hill of SKID ROW in London. We’re good friends now but I had to wake up and realize this constantly when we performed ‘Riot Act’ together. Like the movie it’s all true and genuine. I am very proud.” – Andy Brings

FULL CIRCLE – world premiere in Essen »FULL CIRCLE – Last Exit Rock´n´Roll«https://youtu.be/scCQZokLC9Y

movie single »FULL CIRCLE – Last Exit Rock´n´Roll«: https://youtu.be/EIkegdQno8U

‘FULL CIRCLE – Last Exit Rock´n´Roll’

There are times in life where words and music are not enough. Dreams, hopes and desires are unbelievably visual things, and that’s why there will be the release of ‘FULL CIRCLE – Last Exit Rock’n’Roll’! Based on his story, Andy Brings and his team want to show what drives people who have a dream and do everything in their power to make it happen.
How do you deal with it when a dream suddenly turns into a nightmare, and from where do you get the strength to turn everything around again, to make your life “complete”, to bring it to its true purpose and give it its meaning. No matter what the individual small or big goal is. No matter how long it takes.
Brings‘ life was and is still like that. Love, passion, struggles, setbacks, lifeblood, success, defeats, fun and tears. But his dream of rock’n’roll came true. From starting out as a fan boy to touring with their heroes SKID ROW, without which Andy Brings would not exist. 30 years and more, never losing sight of the goal. Everything is possible, Brings is the living proof!
His story is your story. What are your dreams? Are you looking for your inner truth? Are you ready to give anything for it?
The film is an inspiration and an affirming force. Whatever you need. Don‘t let others change you. Go your way, no matter what they say. You will see: you are not alone!
The movie also features Brings‘ friends and companions like the heavy metal queen Doro Pesch, all members of SKID ROW, the actress Liz Baffoe (Lindenstraße), SODOM-singer Tom Angelripper, Marcus “The Duke” Sauk u.vm.

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ANY GIVEN DAY release their brand new album »Overpower«!

Metal rising stars ANY GIVEN DAY, from the heart of the German Ruhr area – have today released their brand new and critically acclaimed album »Overpower«! To celebrate the new record ANY GIVEN DAY will be embarking on a big album release headline tour throughout Germany in April. The band is also doing two special signing sessions/release parties on the 16th and 20th of March.

The album comes as CD, vinyl and a limited deluxe edition boxset!
Buy the new album »Overpower« here now: https://AnyGivenDay.lnk.to/Overpower

“We couldn’t be more proud of our new studio album. We’ve put all of our heart and energy into this record and we hope you will love it and feel it as we do!” – ANY GIVEN DAY

Press quotes:

Kerrang – “(AGD)… deal in a brand of slamming metalcore that’s meatier than a triple-stack hamburger, packs all the gas-guzzling uncompromising attitude of a V8 Mustang, and undulates between raw-throated aggression and chest thumping melody in ways that’ll have 1,000 rock-radio stations hammering down their door.”

Metal Hammer – “(Overpower)… will scratch an itch for thundering, melody-driven aggression. Choruses that bear-hug your subconscious come strong and often, aided by vocalist Dennis Diehl’s knack for encompassing soaring fragility and brute strength.”

Battlehelm UK / Shan Siva – “”Overpower” certainly has what it takes to reach a wider audience, not to mention kill live so I really look forward to seeing these guys on any given day indeed!”

Milton Keynes’ HEART OF A COWARD and TENSIDE from Germany will support their upcoming album release tour 2019! They added one more show in Switzerland.

»ANY GIVEN DAY Release Tour 2019«
29.03.2019 Aarau, Kiff (CH)
10.04.2019 Hamburg, Logo
11.04.2019 Berlin, Musik & Frieden
12.04.2019 Frankfurt, Das Bett
13.04.2019 Oberhausen, Impericon Festival
14.04.2019 München, Backstage Halle

Tickets: http://geni.us/AnyGivenDayTour

Signing sessions/release parties on following dates:
16.03.2019 – 6 PM CET:
EMP Leipzig
Brühl 10
04109 Leipzig

16.03.2019 – 11 PM CET
Morecore Party
Kurt-Masur-Platz 1
04109 Leipzig

20.03.2019 – 5 PM CET
EMP Essen
Limbecker Str. 6
45127 Essen

More on »Overpower«:
‘Lonewolf’ official video: https://youtu.be/yvSpsglO2Bk
‘Loveless’ official video: https://youtu.be/2cpaHJY0rpE
‘Savior’ official video: https://youtu.be/Z1C4lrcQBZw

»Overpower« tracklist:
01. Start Over
02. Loveless
03. Savior
04. Taking Over Me
05. Lonewolf
06. Devil Inside
07. Sure To Fail
08. In Deafening Silence
09. Whatever It Takes
10. Fear
11. Never Surrender

Although hailing from Germany, ANY GIVEN DAY are living the American dream. Founded in 2012, they ignited interest in 2014 with their debut, »My Longest Way Home« (Official German album charts: #28).Then boldly proved they were more than just an internet phenomenon with 2016’s »Everlasting« (#14 on the charts). ANY GIVEN DAY can also look back on countless tours and shows with the likes of CALIBANBURY TOMORROWTRIVIUM or SUICIDE SILENCE on stages of every size which has seen euphoric reactions and a rapidly growing fanbase that celebrates the band fanatically. 2013 also saw the band debut their cover of RIHANNA’s ‚Diamonds‘(10 million + views on YouTube), while contemporary metal icon Matt Heafy (TRIVIUM) featured on the 2016 track‚Arise‘ (3.4 million views on YouTube).

On »Overpower«ANY GIVEN DAY have perfected their unique blend of unruly brutality, compelling melodies and unbelievable catchiness. Surrounded by the great musicianship of his fellow band mates, one-of-a-kind vocalist Dennis Diehl, handles both growls and clean vocals. Dennis easily puts any American radio rock singer to shame with his distinctive, unique voice and epic vocal lines. Just drop onto any of the tracks on the album and you’ll get pummeling, in-your-face modern metal power and epic arcs of suspense that are the foundation of »Overpower« – all wrapped up in an always uplifting message to hold on to.

The first two singles, ‘Savior’ and ‘Loveless’, covers themes of soul-searching and breaking free, but also give a pretty accurate idea of what »Overpower« is about, musically and lyrically. Just like in another remarkable, powerful and motivating track, ‘Lonewolf’„It’s about an outsider, alienated from the group, who’s on his own now. Metaphorically the outsider is described as a wolf. It’s a situation more and more people find themselves in these days which is why we felt we needed to address it in a song.“

Sheer sonic force, genuine emotions and an unique and fresh take on modern heavy music are what ANY GIVEN DAY call their own and craft like no other.

»Overpower« is programmatic. »Overpower« is the perfect album.

Dennis Diehl | vocals
Andy Posdziech | guitar
Dennis Ter Schmitten | guitar
Michael Golinski | bass
Raphael Altmann | drums

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BREATHE ATLANTIS release new music video for ’Savage’ and kick off tour with TO THE RATS AND WOLVES today!

German alternative rock newcomers BREATHE ATLANTIS released the new music video for ‘Savage’ off their newest album »Soulmade« as a preparation for supporting the headline tour of their label mates TO THE RATS AND WOLVES beginning with today.

Watch the music video for ‘Savage’ here: https://youtu.be/mg4_V6FOiU8
Get the new album »Soulmade« here: https://BreatheAtlantis.lnk.to/Soulmade

15.03 DE  Hamburg – Knust
16.03 DE  Berlin- Bi Nuu
22.03 UK  London- Biston Music Room
23.03 UK  Manchester- Deaf Institute
27.03 DE  Stuttgart – Universum
28.03 DE  Munich – Backstage Halle
29.03 AT  Wien – Chelsea
30.03 CZ  Prague – Nova Chmelnice
03.04 CH  Zurich – Dynamo
04.04 DE  Frankfurt – Das Bett
05.04 DE  Cologne – Essigfabrik
06.04 NL  Amsterdam – Melkweg

Tickets: http://bit.ly/2MJOolX

The band released their brand new album »Soulmade« in January this year!

Press quotes:

“Dealing in epic, sweepingly emotional post-hardcore, this German four-piece are setting their sights high on album three. Catch them if you can.” – Rock Sound

“With its honest lyrics, catchy hooks and fine-tuned production, Soulmade is Breathe Atlantis’ best work yet and the future is certainly bright for the quartet.” – Discovered Magazine

More of »Soulmade«:
Watch the third single ‘Everyone Else’ here: https://youtu.be/JeCp-78cjI4
Watch the second single ‘Cold’ here: https://youtu.be/UQPBj7Yd1_Y
Watch the first single ‘My Supernova’ here: https://youtu.be/IFw26kKskM8
Watch the making of for ‘My Supernova’ here: https://youtu.be/hOtZ4fhz9lQ
Watch the track by track video for »Soulmade« here: https://youtu.be/Kn3t7ioaIOI

»Soulmade« tracklist:
1. My Supernova
2. Cold
3. Don’t Need You Now
4. Fall
5. Spirit
6. I Think It Isn’t Fair
7. Soulmade
8. Savage
9. At Night
10. Addiction To The Worst
11. Everyone Else

Vocalist Nico Schiesewitz explains: „For us the most important thing was to not push our songs into any certain direction, but let them come to maturity as naturally as possible. On this record we bound ourselves less to any unyielding ideas, but rather put a focus on the quality of each track. This time there was only one thing we were strictly bound to – emotion!“

With a fresh symbiosis composed of R’n’B inspired vocals and a rough rock sound as their trademark, the band’s popularity was sealed when they hit 1.000.000 plays of their last album. With successful singles like ‚Lost‘ and the accompanying music video, which was filmed in New York City, the group of four gained new fans in Europe and America as well as in Japan and Russia.

In collaboration with Dan Korneff (PARAMORE, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, PAPA ROACH, A DAY TO REMEMBER), their latest work, »Soulmade«, shows how the band’s sound has come to maturity;
„For us the most important thing was to not push our songs into any certain direction, but let them come to maturity as naturally as possible“, explains vocalist Nico Schiesewitz. „On this record we bound ourselves less to any unyielding ideas, but rather put a focus on the quality of each track. This time there was only one thing we were strictly bound to – emotion!“

With their diverse compilation of songs, BREATHE ATLANTIS mixes a modern guitar sound with stadium-esque rock hymns. „This album was a mammoth project. We selected our top eleven tracks out of 30 after a long lasting and difficult process. So there are no fillers, only potential singles“, drummer Markus Harazim explains.

With track ‚My Supernova‘, which builds a bridge between hope and desperation, it becomes very clear how much emotion this album holds. Schiesewitz„For me it was important to approach this project more deeply, and in a more personal fashion – to just be more honest. The lyrics have 100% come straight out of my soul, showing the spiritual abyss hiding within.“
In the following track ‚Cold‘ you can clearly feel the honesty – which is also emphasised with it’s analogue form.Euler: „We totally relinquished the electronical elements here, because everything spoke for itself already!“

Heavy riffs, progressive harmonies and a chorus which unfolds itself in ‚Don’t Need You Now‘ shows clearly whereBREATHE ATLANTIS‘ roots lie and yet still spread, revealing a more aggressive side to them.
Drummer Markus says: „The energetic verses just light you up, it’s just perfect to fire up a crowd.“ Followed by‚Fall‘ which presents an up-tempo rock chorus as well as some „dark pop“ elements. „Especially here our modified guitar sound comes to the fore. The deep dropped tuning combined with a classic rock amplifier nails it!“ Bastecksays.
Musically, the song ‚Spirit‘, continues with the pop melodies and never ending hooks, perfectly combining a mix of critical lyrics and an instrumentation, which really makes you want to dance.
„This is one of the most pop tracks on our record, but it’s also one of the most catchy, resulting in us using the odd four-on-the-floor kick and the outstanding melody of the piano.“ – tells Markus.

With ‚I Think It Isn’t Fair‘ the most emotional story on the album is told: „The lyrics were written after my best friend passed away in 2017. This was the hardest time for me, effecting the undertone of the whole record“, Nico says. „This track is dedicated to him and stands as a last clarifying dialogue, which I wasn’t able to have.“
With lots of groove, a falsetto-esque voice and divine guitar delays, their title track »Soulmade« shows a whole new perspective of the band. Detached from their usually dusky sound and opaque subject matter, »Soulmade«portrays more day to day issues. „This was the first title, which directly blew our minds during the writing process!“,Jan remembers.
‚Savage‘ is a typical BREATHE ATLANTIS track, with progressive rhythm parts, outstanding guitar licks and a chorus made to sing along to. It’s classic rock with a fresh outlook.

The melancholic and calmer track ‚At Night‘ follows, which gives the listener a sense of a break from the norm.„Everybody sometimes wishes they could pause everything happening around them, and defer it to another day. But this is incredibly rare to implement, in the fast-paced world we live in nowadays.“, Schiesewitz explains.
‚Addiction To The Worst‘ paves the way further with it’s melancholic yet powerplay refrains, complimented by a compelling choir.

With their final song BREATHE ATLANTIS pulls out all the stops, catching you with their hooks until the very last moment. ‚Everyone Else‘ is big, epic and nails it. Nico„For me it’s one of the strongest songs on the entire record – it puts across the important message that you have to keep on track no matter what comes your way.“
Despite their passion for working hard in the studio, their hearts also beat for performing live on stage. Bassist Jan Euler adds: „There is no greater feeling than showing the things that you have worked hard on for so long.“

BREATHE ATLANTIS have gained a lot of expirience over the past few years; having played countless shows with big international bands like SUM 41MEMPHIS MAY FIREATTILABURY TOMORROWCALIBAN or SLAVES, plus excessive touring throughout their country supporting ANY GIVEN DAYTO THE RATS AND WOLVES on top of festival appearances, including many shows outside of Germany.
Guitarist Joschka Basteck recalls: „My biggest recent highlight was definitely headlining the russian benefiz festival last year. There were more than 15.000 fans celebrating – that’s what we make music for!“

With »Soulmade«BREATHE ATLANTIS show their spirit and resiliance. With their catchy songs combined with honest emotios,  the future looks promising for the quartet.

Nico Schiesewitz | vocals
Joschka Basteck | guitar
Jan Euler | bass
Markus Harazim | drums

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DEADTHRONE sign with Arising Empire and release brand new single ’FEEL’!

Arising Empire are proud to announce the signing of Britain’s northern metalcore bruisers DEADTHRONE. Welcome to the family! Following on from the highly acclaimed ‘Our Legacy’ the Manchester based quartet have unveiled the music video for their latest offering, ‘FEEL’.

Watch the video for brand new single ‘FEEL’ here: https://youtu.be/A15J2qAh6VQ
Get the song here: https://Deadthrone.lnk.to/FEEL

“We are extremely pleased to have joined the Arising Empire family alongside many great artists. ‘FEEL’ marks the first step in our journey with Arising Empire, and we’re excited to have them join us for the ride. We have huge things planned and we can’t wait to share everything else we’ve been working on with the world!” – DEADTHRONE

Hailing from Greater Manchester, DEADTHRONE came together through a mutual love of heavy music.

Formed in early 2016, DEADTHRONE came out of Chris and Benj’s former band that was created after they met at university. Having playing together previously they decided to come together to create a new project in the form of DEADTHRONE, recruiting talented and like-minded local musicians to fill out the ranks. The group’s music is fuelled by the band’s shared background growing up in an industrial city that promises the world but delivers very little to those not already born into privilege.
DEADTHRONE started out on a strong footing with the release of their first single ‘This Isn’t Over Yet’ concreting their position firmly in the UK metal scene. With their audiences growing both online and at live shows, the band began work on their debut EP »To Hell & Back« at Foxhound Studios. The songs on that EP are a snapshot of the lives of the band at the time, dealing with both their struggles in their personal lives and relationships, and the growing issues in the world around them. The EP’s second single ‘Our Legacy’ – their most overtly political song to date – was released through Dreambound and has amassed over 1 millions views on YouTube.

Chris Bissette | vocals
James Bolton | guitar & vocals
Sam Clough | guitar
Benj Speight | drums

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FERRIS MC new album »Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht« and music video for ’Fake News’ out now!

FERRIS MC (alias of Sascha Reimann) is making rock music! Today, he released his seventh full length record »Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht«! To celebrate this he also unveils the music video for ‘Fake News’.

Get the new album »Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht«here: https://FerrisMC.lnk.to/WahrscheinlichNieWiederVielleicht

Watch the new music video for ‘Fake News’ here: https://youtu.be/XZinoI43-Rs

FERRIS MC is still on his release tour with MADSEN for two dates in March.
15.03.              D         Frankfurt – Batschkapp
16.03.              D         Dusseldorf – Zakk

The cancelled release shows with MADSEN will be caught up on following dates!
26.04.19  D   Erlangen – E-Werk
03.05.19  D  Dresden- Alter Schlachthof
30.06.19  D  Erfurt – HDS
30.08.19  D  Magdeburg – Altes Theater

He will play two exclusive release shows in Bremen and Hamburg!
12.03.             D         Bremen – Tower
14.03.             D         Hamburg – Molotow

Don’t miss Ferris on following festivals!
13.06.19  AT  Novarock – Nickelsdorf
05.07.-07.07.19  D  Ruhrpott Rodeo – Hünxe

More on »Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht«:
‘Für Deutschland Reicht’s’ hier an: https://youtu.be/ZyvIi7HEE4Q
‘Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht’ hier an: https://youtu.be/3A62f1xG_iQ

01. Allianz Der Außenseiter
02. Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht
03. Was Ist Aus Mir Geworden
04. Die Normalen
05. Für Deutschland Reicht’s
06. Shitstorm
07. Der Teufel Tanzt weiter
08. Scherben Bringen Glück
09. Krank
10. Mein Herz Hat ‘Ne Knarre
11. Amok Amok Amok
12. Niemandsland
13. Friedhof Der Kuscheltiere
14. Fake News

The multifaceted artist looks back on his varied carrier – stylistic inconsistency and a penchant for changing genres has been there throughout. So FERRIS MC already surprised with rough left field beats and riffs on his first solo album »Asimetrie« (1999) and »Fertich!« (2001) instead of the current gangster rap cliché.
“Punk rock and rap had a formative influence in my youth, that’s why there is a minimum of one crossover track on almost every record I made”, explains Reimann.
“With rap I reached the point where I can just repeat myself over and over again to fulfil expectations. But this is not how music works for me because I have to make my grade to release the energy I need to turn in a good record.”

Even though many musicians tend to ensconce themselves in a niche sooner or later, Ferris doesn’t pigeon-hole himself. Neither as a musician nor as an actor – his second nature. While the first years of his carrier where coined with hip-hop, the second decade was shaped by joining the electro formation DEICHKIND in which he was a member from 2008 till 2018.
With »Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht« FERRIS MC is heralding the start of his rock era.

The changeover to the guitar sound wasn’t difficult for him. It’s quite the contrary, he found his roots. “I liked and listened from RAMONES via DIE ÄRZTE through to EXPLOITED in the 80’”.

Born in the Rhineland he looks back onto his youth “I was a little punk back then and wanted to make music myself. It was fabulous and super fun to be in the studios with MADSEN and to record this new album. All of a sudden I felt like 18 again – fresh and unspent”
Beside producing the record, MADSEN cut it live in the studios. A close collaboration which was a lot of fun for both sides.
The content of the record covers a wide spectrum of subjects. The title track ‘Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht’ and ‘Allianz Der Außenseiter’ allude to his neverending role of the underdog.
‘Niemandsland’, the only rap track on the record denounces the prevailing consumption and meritocracy. Musically, the record has plenty to offer, beside the calmer tracks like ‘Der Teufel Tanzt Weiter’ there are a lot of heavy songs such as ‘Shitstorm’ too.

“I’ve made this record for the people who like handmade music and are ready to embark on a shouting and screaming FERRIS MC dispassionately of his past and letting his rapping alter ego behind.” the musician summarizes his record.
“I no longer want to help oneself of an image. I want to make music which suits me as a human being. It’s time to show the world who I really am.”
Following the studio collaboration with MADSEN there will be several support shows on the Lichtjahre-Tour 2019. So prepare yourself because the third decade of the self-appointed freak stands in the sign of Rock!

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ROYAL REPUBLIC release brand new single ’Fireman & Dancer’ and start pre-order for their upcoming album »Club Majesty«!

Sweden’s four-man rock sensation and party machine ROYAL REPUBLIC proudly presents ‘Fireman & Dancer’, the newest and arguably sexiest member in the bands armada of relentless moodboosters! Packed with guitar-riffs the size of Mount Everest, pow-pow-pounding rhythms and lyrics that make Dr. Feelgood himself sweat bullets – it is your solution to, well, everything!
‘Fireman & Dancer’ is the first song out of the gate from the forthcoming full-length album »Club Majesty« – scheduled for release on May 31st 2019.

Pre-Order of »Club Majesty« starts TODAY! Be sure to pre-order NOW before the servers explode:

Watch the music video for ‘Fireman & Dancer’ here: https://RoyalRepublic.lnk.to/FiremanandDancerYTWE

ROYAL REPUBLIC will bring »Club Majesty« live to your home town. Don’t miss the band live:

»Club Majesty« festival summer 2019:
27.04.19  CH  Corvatsch – Frühlingsfest
31.05.-01.06.2019  CZ  Řevnice – Rockový Slunovrat
05.-08.06.2019  SE  Norje, Sölvesborg – Sweden Rock Festival
10.06.19  SE  Stockholm – Gröna Lund
13.06.19  ES  Santiago de Compostela – O Son Do Camino Festival
15.06.19  UK  Donington – Download Festival
21.-23.06.2019  DE  Neuhausen ob Eck – Southside Festival
21.-23.06.2019  DE  Scheesel – Hurricane Festival
30.06.19  BGR  Plovdiv – Hills Of Rock
07.07.19  IT  Bologna – Sonic Park (Weezer Support)
12.07.19  IT  Bolzano – Rock Im Ring
16-17.08.2019  DE  Großpösna – Highfield Festival
16-17.08.2019  DE  Bonn – Green Juice Festival
Sa 31.Aug 19  FR  La Pommeraye – The City Trucks Festival

»Club Majesty« headline tour 2019:
18.10.19  UK  Norwich – Waterfront`
19.10.19  UK  Nottingham – Rock City
20.10.19  UK  Glassgow – Garage
22.10.19  UK  New Castle – University
23.10.19  UK  Hull – Welly
24.10.19  UK  Leeds – Brudenell Social Club
26.10.19  UK  Manchester – Academy 2
27.10.19  UK  Brimingham – O2 Academy 2
28.10.19  UK  Bristol – Trinity
30.10.19  UK  Southampton – Engine Rooms
31.10.19  UK  London – Electric Ballroom
01.11.19  NL  Eindhoven – Effenaar
03.11.19  FR  La Roche Sur Yon – Le Fuzz’yon
05.11.19  FR  Lyon – Cco
07.11.19  ES  Baercelona – Bikini
08.11.19  ES  Madrid – Sala Cool
09.11.19  ES  Bilbao – Kafe Antzokia
27.11.19  CH  Zurich – Dynamo
28.11.19  CH  Bern – Bierhubeli
29.11.19  AT  Vienna – Szene / Simm City
01.12.19  PL  Krakow – Kwadrat
02.12.19  PL  Warsaw – Stodola
03.12.19  CZ  Prague – Lucerna Velky Sal
05.12.19  HU  Budapest – A38 / Barba Negra
06.12.19  DE  Munich – Zenith
07.12.19  DE  Dresden – Schlachthof
09.12.19  DE  Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
10.12.19  FR  Paris – L’elysee Montmartre
11.12.19  NL  Amsterdam – Paradiso
13.12.19  DE  Cologne – Palladium
14.12.19  DE  Hamburg – Sporthalle
15.12.19  DE  Berlin – Columbiahalle
22.12.19  DE  Stuttgart – Porsche Arena

Save your tickets now:

ROYAL REPUBLIC don’t believe in “guilty pleasures” – only pleasures, free of compromise. Since meeting at the Malmö Academy Of Music in 2007, they’ve become Sweden’s most addictive rock’n’roll export; mixing riffy guitars, king-sized tunes and jet-packed beats with their own eclectic tastes and inimitable joie de vivre. Plus the kind of snazzy suits most of their contemporaries wish they had the balls to pull off. They encapsulate the raw spirit of punk with the hips ofJames Brown and swaggering braggadocio of James Bond. No wonder they struggle to label themselves! They’ll rock the shit out of you and make you dance like you’ve just won the lottery.

Adam Grahn | vocals
Hannes Irengård | guitars
Jonas Almén | bass
Per Andreasson | drums

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FARMER BOYS release live video for ‘Fiery Skies’ off »Born Again«!

Their comeback album »Born Again«, released in November 2018, peaked on #58 of the official German album charts, followed by a successful tour through Germany.
Shortly after coming home from their previous tour, Stuttgart’s alternative metal stars FARMER BOYS are heading towards the horizon again. They will be eight additional shows in March as well as one in Switzerland.

»FARMER BOYS Born Again Tour 2019«
13.03.19       DE – Nürnberg / Der Cult
14.03.19       DE – Magdeburg / Factory
15.03.19       DE – Dresden / Beatpool
16.03.19       DE – Konstanz / Kulturladen
28.03.19       DE – Trier / Mengener Hof
29.03.19       DE – Essen / Turock
30.03.19       DE – Coesfeld / Fabrik
31.03.19       CH – Aarburg / Musikburg

To celebrate the upcoming tour the band presents their brand new music video for ‘Fiery Skies’ off their newest album »Born Again«, freshly out of their rehearsel room.

Watch the live video for ‘Fiery Skies’ here: https://youtu.be/IVt87kcEh5g
Get the latest album »Born Again« here: https://FarmerBoys.lnk.to/BornAgain

The band is looking forward to the upcoming shows and Alex Scholpp (guitars) comments: “We’re looking forward to the next shows of our ‘Born Again’ tour in March and just filmed ourselves doing a rehearsel to give our fans an impressions from behind the scenes of how we prepare for a show. ‘Fiery Skies’ off ‘Born Again’ is a strict part of our setlist and one of my favourit tracks off the album – beside all the other songs we’re gonna play live, haha!”

Ticket pre-sale already started:
Tickets for Aarburg, Switzerland:

More on »Born Again«:
‘You and Me’: https://youtu.be/y_VIfPByxiw
‘Faint Lines’: https://youtu.be/UAI1S18mUFY
‘Revolt’: https://youtu.be/a_AWGsLiLmQ
‘Tears Of Joy’ : https://youtu.be/kTm0ot03HII

In 2017, the Swabian power group returned to the scene with founding members Matthias Sayer (vocals), Alex Scholpp (guitar) and Ralf Botzenhart (bass) as well as with their two new members Timm Schreiner (drums) and Richard Düe (keyboard) – achieving sold out concert venues and making an impact on new and old fans alike. They swiftly signed with Nuclear Blast sublabel Arising Empire. In 2018, the FARMER BOYS will make a full throttled return; taking to the stage again and releasing their new album »Born Again« –  to make this year one of the most successful of their career.

Beginning in the 90s, the band re-wrote international music history and even today, the FARMER BOYS can’t be pigeonholed. They present their explosive mix with a chunky and unique sound. The largest festivals, major labels, Vans Warped Tour through the USA, shows with RAMMSTEINDEFTONES and METALLICA… the first announcement expressing the return of the FARMER BOYS was followed by a tremendous response, which has blown the band away; “After a lot of hard work in the studio, the album »Born Again« is finally finished and we can not wait to play it live! Our shows will include new songs as well as all our old hits”, guitarist Alex smiles: Here comes the pain!

Matthias Sayer | vocals
Alex Scholpp | guitars
Richard Düe | keyboard
Ralf Botzenhart | bass
Timm Schreiner | drums

More info:



VENUES announce upcoming shows with THE AMITY AFFLICTION and POLARIS for July!

Today, up and coming post hardcore connoisseurs VENUES announce their upcoming shows for July supporting THE AMITY AFFLICTION on their EU/UK summer tour 2019, together with POLARIS on three of their shows. Ticket pre-sale has started today.

01.07.19 Germany Köln @ Essigfabrik
02.07.19 Germany Saarbrücken @ Garage
03.07.19 Germany Lindau @ Vaudeville

VENUES released their debut album, »Aspire« in July, 2018.
Order the debut record »Aspire« as CD or splatter vinyl here: https://VENUES.lnk.to/Aspire

Watch the singles off their debut record here:
‘We Are One’: https://youtu.be/qAd67X3Jglg
‘Fading Away’ feat. Chris Wieczorek (ANNISOKAY): https://youtu.be/jEeupPBGYo4
‘Nothing Less’: https://youtu.be/uSSR0ekAQkY
: https://youtu.be/NfQ4CDTKmGA
‘The Epilogue’: https://youtu.be/udsMNmfCJ8g

Started in early 2015, Stuttgart-based sextet VENUES have managed to spread their message of heartfelt and energetic modern music throughout Germany. Having shared the stages with renowned acts such as ESKIMO CALLBOYCALLEJONDEEZ NUTSCALIBANATTILA or German punk rock rocketeers ITCHY, the band has literally broken down quite a few venues within the country.

Enter 2018 the female/male fronted powerhouse has already gathered a massive following within the German underground. Their strong DIY ethic, sense for perfection and relentlessness when it comes to writing, performing and interacting with the ever-growing fanbase results in not only great participation at any VENUES show you would go to but also impressive statistics within the social media realm.

After their most recent »Break Down A Venue« 3-track EP, the following music video for the underground hit ‘No Roses For A Life Lost‘, by talented videographer Marius Milinski (offonewadventures) and raving reactions all over the community, VENUES didn’t stand still for a second. In 2018, the band went on to create what resulted in their two new singles ‘Ignite’ and ‘The Epilogue’. Furthermore, the sextet from Stuttgart, Germany released their debut record »Aspire« via Arising Empire in Europe and via SharpTone Records in America.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christoph Wieczorek (ANNISOKAY) at well-known Sawdust Recordings (EMIL BULLSANNISOKAYSHIELDS), the first record of VENUES get stuck in any listeners ear with a great sense for melodies and harmonies, the right portion of aggressiveness, fragile outbursts and deep lyrics that make sadness oh, so beautiful.

With a strong and pounding rhythm section, dreamy leads and the outstanding performances VENUES are not your average post hardcore band, but something unique in a scene that seems to copy itself within a minute.

Experience VENUES live and convince yourself – there’s no one out there in 2019 who delivers as these dudes!

Robin | vocals
Constantin | guitars
Toni | guitars
Florian | bass
Dennis | drums

More info: