What makes a band?

Their sound? Their lyrics?

ATOA stand and operate on a different level. “Cohesion” or “sense of unity” would be the best way to express their spirit – and these elements are exactly what the band portrays, especially in their live performances. They deliver a powerful sound with German lyrics, holding enormous energy through and through.

ATOA live and breathe what they love, and not just on the stage. “Together we are more than just a word”, that’s what Torsten (lead singer) screams in ‘Stunde Null’ (‘Zero Hour’), single of the current EP »Wir alle sind ATOA« (»We are all ATOA«).

The band was founded in 2010 in Duesseldorf, and has played with and supported a lot of well known bands such as CALLEJON (GER), ESKIMO CALLBOY (GER), IWRESTLEDABEARONCE (USA), ROYAL REPUBLIC (SWE), JENNIFER ROSTOCK (GER), ADEPT (SWE) as well as HORSE THE BAND (USA), STICK TO YOUR GUNS (USA), DEFEATER (USA) or HIS STATUE FALLS (GER).

In the summer of 2015, their current EP was released and the guys played a non-profit show at the youth prison “JVA Geldern”, Germany. In February of 2015 ATOA toured across Germany with hardcore bands RAISED FIST (SWE) and DEVIL IN ME (PRT), the tour also went to Switzerland.

In 2015 a lot happened for ATOA, they started working with renowned booking agency FKP Scorpio, which presented a new professional and dynamic partnership. Also Christoph “Kotsche” Koterzina, guitarist of the band CALLEJON worked with the band to complete their first ever studio album – a match made in heaven.

Christoph‘s experience was the perfect complement to the process, helping optimise the album’s production and songwriting. After an intensive pre-production at the “Rock Or Die” Studios in Düsseldorf, many already well-known and established songs were restructured. The result is a new album that completely gets under your skin: »Unter Wölfen« (»Among Wolves«).

Their debut includes 12 killer-songs, full of lyrical passion and emotion, considering the world in a social critical and intellectual way. Musical blood and rhythm is instilled into their work, with the opening song  ‘Du lebst nur einmal’ (‘You only live once’) – live and love for your beliefs.

The ATOA guys stand up for heavier sounds that pull a decent punch, but now with even more pop sentiment and feeling. It is an album for a music-loving crowd with an intellectual and enquiring mind. »Unter Wölfen« will be released via Arising Empire / Nuclear Blast on April 1st, 2016.

The cover artwork was created by the talented Yvonne Domava (ROGERS, ANTILOPEN GANG). It fits seamlessly into the concept of a pack of wolves, offering notable attention to detail.

The band commented: “Our heart and soul, we want to share with you. Our hymns sing with you. Find meaning with you. Create new identities. Let´s make history together”.