Serdar Somuncu

Serdar Somuncu was born in 1968 in Istanbul and is a German musician, author, cabaret artist and director. He studied music, acting and direction. On November 25th, 2011 Somuncu released his first record titled »Dafür kommt man in den Knast« via the label Groove Attack. The album was published in cooperation with the producer and musician André Fuchs from Cologne, who can be heard in one song as guest-rapper under his stage name Onkel Zwieback. Somuncu played all the instruments on the 18 songs himself. As the  duo Zwieback & T, Somuncu and Fuchs released the rap-album „Wir beide“ on September 19th 2013. Somuncu can be heard rapping together with Fuchs under his pseudonym T or sometimes Scheiß T – a reference to the US-american rapper Ice-T. His third album »SYSPHS« will be released on August 16th 2019 via the label Arising Empire.

Somuncu also published three DVDs (and received gold- status for Der Hassprediger – Hardcore Live!), numerous books, audiobooks and –plays and staged more than 100 plays. He is a common guest to shows like Hart aber fair, Anne Will and also a commentator in the heute-show and the heute-journal. In 2020, Somuncu will celebrate his 33rd anniversary on stage and kicks off a tour with his new material. He returns to the big stages as GröHaZ – the greatest Hassias of all times – uncompromising, determined and with vigilant eyes on everything that happens around him and his community.