HEART OF A COWARD sign the deal with Arising Empire!

Arising Empire Records are proud to announce the worldwide signing of intrepid British metal quintet HEART OF A COWARD. Welcome to the family! HEART OF A COWARD announced the addition of vocalist Kaan Tasan to their ranks early last year, alongside the release of bruising new track ‘Collapse’. The band have since been busy working on new material, and are planning to release a new album in 2019.

The band stated: “We are incredibly excited to be a part of the Arising Empire family for our 4th release. Album 4 is always a difficult one and we couldn’t have picked a more supportive label to put this out for us. We look forward to seeing you all in 2019.”

HEART OF A COWARD will be playing Download Festival UK on June 16th (tickets/info HERE) and on Friday the band announced that they will be touring Europe in April as special guests to ANY GIVEN DAY, alongside TENSIDE. Tickets are on sale now!

»ANY GIVEN DAY Overpower Release Tour 2019«
10.04.2019 Hamburg, Logo
11.04.2019 Berlin, Musik & Frieden
12.04.2019 Frankfurt, Das Bett
13.04.2019 Oberhausen, Impericon Festival *
14.04.2019 München, Backstage Halle
*without TENSIDE

Tickets: http://geni.us/AnyGivenDayTour

HEART OF A COWARD have come a long way since their inception in 2009 – racking up admirable praise from press and fans alike, not forgetting the countless touring miles under their belts. Defined by their sheer power and tenacity, HEART OF A COWARD are celebrated stalwarts of the British metal scene, known for their dynamic live shows and masterful performances. Their focus has always been on producing crushing, yet discerning heavy music; their sound defined by its combination of pure force and expertise, complimented by more subtle, emotional moments and personal narratives. With the addition of new front-man Kaan Tasan in early 2018, HEART OF A COWARD are excited to herald in a new era, alongside the myriad of possibilities that new creative blood holds.

Formed in Milton Keynes in 2009, HEART OF A COWARD have released three albums to date; »Hope And Hindrance« (2012), »Severance« (2013) and »Deliverance« (2015). »Hope And Hindrance« was self-released – it laid down the foundations for their sound, garnering the band a reaction they’d never previously anticipated. The positive feedback spurred them on and seeded the realisation of what could be possible if they knuckled down and continued honing their craft.

With »Severance« they achieved just that and some more – mixed by Will Putney, the record saw HEART OF A COWARD bulldoze their way through the mob, making the metal world stand up and take notice. It packed a heavier punch alongside more traditional song structures; “Such purpose, poise, power, and panache are not attributes you would often associate with a band at such early stages of their development, but Heart of a Coward firmly hold all of these traits within their grasp” Pop Matters on »Severance« in 2014.

Produced by Justin Hill and the band, »Deliverance« arrived like a freight train in 2015, further cementing HEART OF A COWARD’s standing in the international metal scene. The band had mastered their sound, building on their previous works with their ramped up expertise gained from hours cutting their teeth on the live circuit. Unsurprisingly the release helped expand their global fan base, earning the band remarkable reviews in the press. “This is easily the best British metal release of 2015 and a sure sign that the band’s potential will not be wasted.” New Noise Magazine on »Deliverance« in 2015.

HEART OF A COWARD have also racked up an impressive live arsenal, having toured with the likes of MACHINE HEADDARKEST HOURSIKTHTHY ART IS MURDER and SUICIDE SILENCE etc. They’ve played many of Europe’s biggest festivals, including Download Festival, Euroblast, Bloodstock, Slam Dunk, Tech Fest (headliners), Resurrection Festival, With Full Force, Summer Breeze.

If you missed latest track/video ‘Collapse’ you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/Ni5NUrssC5E

Kaan Tasan | vocals
Carl Ayers | guitars
Steve Haycock | guitars
Vishal Khetia | bass
Christopher Mansbridge | drums

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IMMINENCE start pre-sale for exclusive shows in April/May 2019!

Swedish alternative metalcore outfit IMMINENCE follows up the successful release of hard-hitting single ‘Paralyzed’ and their own European headline tour last December with a few selected, highly exclusive headline shows this spring! The members state that 2019 will be the bands’ most exciting year so far and that they will deliver much anticipated news and announcements soon.

»IMMINENCE Selected Spring Shows 2019«
26.04. DE   Frankfurt Zoom
27.04. DE   Munich, Impericon Festival
28.04. DE   Bochum, Rotunde
01.05. SE   Gothenburg, Trädgårn’
03.05. DE   Berlin, Musik & Frieden
04.05. DE   Leipzig, Neues Schauspiel
05.05. DE   Cologne, Helios 37

Tickets here: https://bit.ly/2tq7aCF

Since the release of their last album »This Is Goodbye« (2017), IMMINENCE took an unexpected turn with their latest single ‘Paralyzed’ released in October last year.

Watch the music video for ‘Paralyzed’ here: https://youtu.be/2HKRfKeVS78
Buy or stream the brand new single ‘Paralyzed’ here: https://Imminence.lnk.to/Paralyzed

”For us it‘s not a step back, but rather a step inwards. We didn‘t want to write something that was expected of us, we wanted to make music that was meaningful to ourselves and didn‘t limit the outcome of our new songs. There was definitely a sense of pressure regarding our future sound. Coming from taking such a big step with our last album, we didn‘t know where to start or where to go. I think we also concerned ourselves too much with what other people would think. After trying a lot of different directions we opened up all the doors and broke down the barriers. Feeling compelled to only trust our own instincts and challenge the position that we gained after ‘This Is Goodbye‘. You can expect something darker and more personal from us than ever before.” – Eddie Berg (vocals/violins) and Harald Barrett (guitars).

‘Paralyzed’ displays one of the sides of what IMMINENCE is and always have been. Once again the band wanted to show that they can write and release any kind of music as long as it‘s honest and sincere. After finishing a long studio session, ‘Paralyzed’ is the first single of an imminent new album.

Fronted by vocalist and violinist Eddie Berg, guitarist Harald Barrett, drummer Peter Hanström and bass player Christian HöijerIMMINENCE was formed in Trelleborg and has over the years become one of Sweden’s most promising acts with a diverse sound and universe, embracing everything from metalcore to acoustic music. Founded by Eddie and Harald when they were just teenagers, the band grew organically with a constantly expanding fan-base from all over the world while being a highly active touring band in Europe since 2014.

Eddie Berg | vocals/violin
Harald Barrett | guitars
Christian Höijer | guitars
Peter Hanström | drums

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BETONTOD – release ’Trinkhallen Hits Vol.1’ bonus CD with six additional hits and start tour today

The German punk rock legends BETONTOD released the »Trinkhallen Hits Vol.1« bonus CD with six additional hits today, to celebrate the start of heir »VAMOS TOUR 2019«!
Order the new »Trinkhallen Hits Vol.1« here: https://betontod.lnk.to/TrinkhallenHitsVol1
w/ Engst
15.02. D Erfurt – HsD Gewerkschaftshaus
16.02. D Dresden – Reithalle Str. E
17.02. D Nuremberg – Hirsch
22.02. D Rostock – M.A.U. Club
23.02. D Magdeburg – Factory
01.03. D Dusseldorf – Stahlwerk
02.03. D Kaiserslautern – Kammgarn
03.03. CH Zurich – Dynamo
08.03. D Memmingen – Kaminwerk
09.03. A Graz – PPC
10.03. A Vienna – Simm City
15.03. D Bremen – Aladin Music Hall
16.03. D Kiel – Max Nachttheater


ANY GIVEN DAY – announce support for upcoming album release tour 2019

Metal rising stars ANY GIVEN DAY, from the heart of the German Ruhr area, announced that Milton Keynes’ HEART OF A COWARD and TENSIDE from Germany will support their upcoming album release tour 2019!

»ANY GIVEN DAY Release Tour 2019«
10.04.2019 Hamburg, Logo
11.04.2019 Berlin, Musik & Frieden
12.04.2019 Frankfurt, Das Bett
13.04.2019 Oberhausen, Impericon Festival
14.04.2019 München, Backstage Halle

Tickets: http://geni.us/AnyGivenDayTour

The band recently released the music video for their brand new single ‘Loveless’ off their upcoming full length record. »Overpower«, which will be available on March 15th, 2019 via Arising Empire.

Watch the brand new single ‘Loveless’ here: https://youtu.be/2cpaHJY0rpE
Get the song now here: https://AnyGivenDay.lnk.to/Loveless

Missed the first single?
Watch ‘Savior’ now here: https://youtu.be/Z1C4lrcQBZw
Get the song now here: https://AnyGivenDay.lnk.to/Savior

The album comes as CD, vinyl and a limited deluxe edition boxset!
Pre-order the new album »Overpower« here: https://AnyGivenDay.lnk.to/Overpower



FERRIS MC just released new single ’Fuer Deutschland Reicht’s’!

FERRIS MC (alias of Sascha Reimann) recently signed the deal with Arising Empire and announced his new solo album which packs a serious punch – because Reimann is making rock music! Today, he released the music video for the new single ‘Für Deutschland Reicht’s’ off his upcoming seventh full length record »Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht« which will be available on March 8th, 2019 via Arising Empire.

Watch the new track ‘Für Deutschland Reicht’s’ here: https://youtu.be/ZyvIi7HEE4Q
Get the song here: https://FerrisMC.lnk.to/FuerDeutschlandReichts

Pre-order the album »Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht« here: https://FerrisMC.lnk.to/WahrscheinlichNieWiederVielleicht

FERRIS MC will support MADSEN on their big »Lichtjahre« – Tour 2019!

»Lichtjahre« – Tour 2019
22.02.              D         Karlsruhe – Substage
23.02.              D         Ulm – Roxy
01.03.              D         Magdeburg – Altes Theater
02.03.              D         Erfurt – HsD
08.03.              D         Erlangen – E-Werk
09.03.              D         Dresden – Alter Schlachthof
15.03.              D         Frankfurt – Batschkapp
16.03.              D         Dusseldorf – Zakk

There will be two additional and exclusive release shows in Bremen and Hamburg!
13.03.             D         Bremen – Tower
14.03.             D         Hamburg – Molotow

Missed the title track?
Watch ‘Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht’ here: https://youtu.be/3A62f1xG_iQ
Get the song here: https://FerrisMC.lnk.to/SingleWahrscheinlichNieWiederVielleicht

01. Allianz Der Außenseiter
02. Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht
03. Was Ist Aus Mir Geworden
04. Die Normalen
05. Für Deutschland Reicht’s
06. Shitstorm
07. Der Teufel Tanzt weiter
08. Scherben Bringen Glück
09. Krank
10. Mein Herz Hat ‘Ne Knarre
11. Amok Amok Amok
12. Niemandsland
13. Friedhof Der Kuscheltiere
14. Fake News

The multifaceted artist looks back on his varied carrier – stylistic inconsistency and a penchant for changing genres has been there throughout. So FERRIS MC already surprised with rough left field beats and riffs on his first solo album »Asimetrie« (1999) and »Fertich!« (2001) instead of the current gangster rap cliché.
“Punk rock and rap had a formative influence in my youth, that’s why there is a minimum of one crossover track on almost every record I made”, explains Reimann.
“With rap I reached the point where I can just repeat myself over and over again to fulfil expectations. But this is not how music works for me because I have to make my grade to release the energy I need to turn in a good record.”

Even though many musicians tend to ensconce themselves in a niche sooner or later, Ferris doesn’t pigeon-hole himself. Neither as a musician nor as an actor – his second nature. While the first years of his carrier where coined with hip-hop, the second decade was shaped by joining the electro formation DEICHKIND in which he was a member from 2008 till 2018.
With »Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht« FERRIS MC is heralding the start of his rock era.

The changeover to the guitar sound wasn’t difficult for him. It’s quite the contrary, he found his roots. “I liked and listened from RAMONES via DIE ÄRZTE through to EXPLOITED in the 80’”.

Born in the Rhineland he looks back onto his youth “I was a little punk back then and wanted to make music myself. It was fabulous and super fun to be in the studios with MADSEN and to record this new album. All of a sudden I felt like 18 again – fresh and unspent”
Beside producing the record, MADSEN cut it live in the studios. A close collaboration which was a lot of fun for both sides.
The content of the record covers a wide spectrum of subjects. The title track ‘Wahrscheinlich Nie Wieder Vielleicht’ and ‘Allianz Der Außenseiter’ allude to his neverending role of the underdog.
‘Niemandsland’, the only rap track on the record denounces the prevailing consumption and meritocracy. Musically, the record has plenty to offer, beside the calmer tracks like ‘Der Teufel Tanzt Weiter’ there are a lot of heavy songs such as ‘Shitstorm’ too.

“I’ve made this record for the people who like handmade music and are ready to embark on a shouting and screaming FERRIS MC dispassionately of his past and letting his rapping alter ego behind.” the musician summarizes his record.
“I no longer want to help oneself of an image. I want to make music which suits me as a human being. It’s time to show the world who I really am.”
Following the studio collaboration with MADSEN there will be several support shows on the Lichtjahre-Tour 2019. So prepare yourself because the third decade of the self-appointed freak stands in the sign of Rock!

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TO THE RATS AND WOLVES – announce special guests for upcoming ’Cheap Love European & UK Release Tour 2019’ in March/April

The young trancecore heroes TO THE RATS AND WOLVES are back! Today the german based sextet announced their special guests for the »CHEAP LOVE EUROPEAN & UK RELEASE TOUR 2019« for March/April. Their label mates BREATHE ATLANTIS and FLASH FORWARD will support the band on their twelve shows.

15.03 DE  Hamburg – Knust
16.03 DE  Berlin- Bi Nuu
22.03 UK  London- Biston Music Room
23.03 UK  Manchester- Deaf Institute
27.03 DE  Stuttgart – Universum
28.03 DE  Munich – Backstage Halle
29.03 AT  Wien – Chelsea
30.03 CZ  Prague – Nova Chmelnice
03.04 CH  Zurich – Dynamo
04.04 DE  Frankfurt – Das Bett
05.04 DE  Cologne – Essigfabrik
06.04 NL  Amsterdam – Melkweg

The band recently released the track video for their new single ‘Cure’ and started the pre-order for their upcoming third full length record called »Cheap Love«, which will be available on 22nd of February 2019 via Arising Empire.

Pre-order the album »Cheap Love« as limited boxset or CD here: https://ToTheRatsAndWolves.lnk.to/CheapLoveAlbum

“Cure was the last song we finished for Cheap Love and we all love its energy and the emotions the song is representing! Definitely the perfect second single for this dark season!”TTRAW

Watch their new single ‘Cure’ here: https://youtu.be/JGBzcplnIDY
Get the song here: https://ToTheRatsAndWolves.lnk.to/Cure



ENGST – release music video for ’Ist Mir Egal’ off their debut record ’Flaechenbrand’

Today, young pop rockers ENGST from Berlin released the music video for ‘Ist Mir Egal’ off their debut record »Flächenbrand«, which came out in October last year!

Watch the music video for ‘Ist Mir Egal’ here: https://youtu.be/DJgSs8lR0Bw

Get the debut record »Flächenbrand« here: https://Engst.lnk.to/Flaechenbrand

The band will support their labelmates BETONTOD on their upcoming »VAMOS TOUR 2019« in February/March.

15.02.  D         Erfurt – HsD Gewerkschaftshaus
16.02.  D         Dresden – Reithalle Str. E
17.02.  D         Nuremberg – Hirsch
22.02.  D         Rostock – M.A.U. Club
23.02.  D         Magdeburg – Factory
01.03.  D         Dusseldorf – Stahlwerk
02.03.  D         Kaiserslautern – Kammgarn
03.03.  CH       Zurich – Dynamo
08.03.  D         Memmingen – Kaminwerk
09.03.  A         Graz – PPC
10.03.  A         Vienna – Simm City
15.03.  D         Bremen – Aladin Music Hall
16.03.  D         Kiel – Max Nachttheater

ENGST will also support ROGERS on their  »MITTELFINGER FÜR IMMER« tour throughout Germany in April!

04.04.2019    Hannover – Musikzentrum
05.04.2019    Hamburg – Gruenspan
06.04.2019    Dortmund – FZW
07.04.2019    Weinheim – Café Central
09.04.2019    CH-Zürich – Dynamo
10.04.2019    CH-Lyss – KUFA
11.04.2019    Nürnberg – Z Bau
12.04.2019    Stuttgart – Im Winzemann
13.04.2019    München – Backstage
14.04.2019    AT-Graz – Dom im Berg
17.04.2019    Koblenz – Circus Maximus
18.04.2019    Münster – Sputnikhalle
19.04.2019    Bremen – Tower
20.04.2019    Berlin – Lido
21.04.2019    Leipzig – Conne Island
23.04.2019    Ulm – Cabaret Eden
24.04.2019    Saarbrücken – Garage
25.04.2019    Kassel – Club Arm
26.04.2019    Frankfurt – Das Bett
27.04.2019    Köln – Live Music Hall



POLAR start pre-order for upcoming new album »Nova« and release music video for new single ’Midnight’!

Today, London UK post-hardcore band POLAR start the pre-order for their upcoming fourth full length record »Nova« and release their brand new single ‘Midnight’ as a taste of what is yet to come from the new album. »Nova« will be available on April 5th, 2019 via Arising Empire. In addition the band announces their album release tour for May.

Pre-order the new album »Nova« here: https://POLAR.lnk.to/Nova

Watch the music video for their brand new single ‘Midnight’ here: https://youtu.be/Et8uMZ_Il30
Get or stream the song ‘Midnight’ here: https://POLAR.lnk.to/Midnight

POLAR states: “Midnight is a song about coming of age and sexual awakening. It is written about a personal experience I had at 15 which forced me to understand sex mentally and physically in a unnatural way. This song has been therapeutic to me and I hope it allows people who hear it to be honest with themselves and deal with their inner demons. Our new album ‘Nova’ musically and lyrically has been therapeutic for all us, we came to point where we all needed a release and this is the product of that. We hope listeners can relate to this record and make steps to finding inner peace as much as us.” 

The band will do an album release tour in May!

POLAR »Nova« album release tour
Special Guest: TRIPSITTER
03.05.19 UK London @ Boston Music Room
04.05.19 Belgium Antwerp @ Kavka
05.05.19 Germany Hamburg @ Hafenklang
06.05.19 Germany Köln @ MTC
07.05.19 Germany Nürnberg @ Z-Bau
08.05.19 Czech Rep Prague @ Underdogs
09.05.19 Germany Berlin @ Musik & Frieden
10.05.19 Germany Leipzig @ Naumanns
11.05.19 Germany Essen @ Cafe Nova
12.05.19 Germany Hannover @ Lux
13.05.19 Germany Munich @ Backstage
14.05.19 Switzerland Aarau @ Kiff
15.05.19 Germany Wiesbaden @ Schlachthof

Missed the first single?
Watch ‘Drive’ here: https://youtu.be/9DwcP8LoczE
Get or stream ‘Drive’ here: https://POLAR.lnk.to/Drive

More of POLAR:
‘Breathe’ (2017): https://youtu.be/XSa3UJt2cjg

Following on from 2016’s stellar »No Cure No Saviour«, this is a new style and statement of intent from the band. Slick, sophisticated and savage in equally devastating measure, this showcase the sound of a band rewriting their history and looking to a bright and productive future in cooperation with Arising Empire.

POLAR are:
Adam Woodford | vocals
Tom Green | guitars
Fabian Lomas | guitars
Jonny Bowman | bass
Nick Jones | drums

More info: