DEADTHRONE release brand new single ’Time Won’t Wait’ and start pre-orders for their upcoming album »Premonitions«!

Britain’s northern metalcore bruisers DEADTHRONE following up their successful first single ‘Feel’ with ‘Time Won’t Wait’ and launch pre-orders for their upcoming full length debut record »Premonitions«, which will be available on the 23rd of August via Arising Empire!

Watch the video for the brand new single ‘Time Won’t Wait’ here: https://youtu.be/AFtchtcvxt4
Get the song here: https://Deadthrone.lnk.to/TimeWontWait

Pre-order their upcoming album »Premonitions« here: https://Deadthrone.lnk.to/Premonitions


More on »Premonitions«:
Watch the video for ‘Feel’ here: https://youtu.be/A15J2qAh6VQ
Get the song here: https://Deadthrone.lnk.to/Feel

04.Time Won’t Wait
05.Wide Awake
07.Hearts In Our Hands
08.Stand Your Ground
12.Seven Years

Hailing from Greater Manchester, DEADTHRONE came together through a mutual love of heavy music.

Formed in early 2016, DEADTHRONE came out of Chris and Benj’s former band that was created after they met at university. Having playing together previously they decided to come together to create a new project in the form of DEADTHRONE, recruiting talented and like-minded local musicians to fill out the ranks. The group’s music is fuelled by the band’s shared background growing up in an industrial city that promises the world but delivers very little to those not already born into privilege.
DEADTHRONE started out on a strong footing with the release of their first single ‘This Isn’t Over Yet’ concreting their position firmly in the UK metal scene. With their audiences growing both online and at live shows, the band began work on their debut EP »To Hell & Back« at Foxhound Studios. The songs on that EP are a snapshot of the lives of the band at the time, dealing with both their struggles in their personal lives and relationships, and the growing issues in the world around them. The EP’s second single ‘Our Legacy’ – their most overtly political song to date – was released through Dreambound and has amassed over 1 millions views on YouTube.

Chris Bissette | Vocals
James Bolton | Guitar & Vocals
Sam Clough | Guitar
Benj Speight | Drums

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POLAR »Nova Summer 2019«!

London UK post-hardcore band POLAR will be embarking on their big summer run supporting CRYSTAL LAKE, THE AMITY AFFLICTION and POLARIS.  The band will also play Summerblast Festival, Jera On Air and other big festivals!

Buy and/or stream the new album »Nova« here: https://POLAR.lnk.to/Nova

POLAR »Nova Summer 2019«
20.06.  FR  Paris – Boule Noir w/ CRYSTAL LAKE
21.06.  DE  Jun Mergener Hof w/ CRYSTAL LAKE
22.06   DE  Dortmund – JungYard w/ CRYSTAL LAKE
24.06.  IT  Milan – Serraglio Club w/ THE AMITY AFFLICTION
25.06.  AU  Salzburg – Rockhouse w/ THE AMITY AFFLICTION
26.06.  DE  Schweinfurt – Alter Statbahnhof w/ CRYSTAL LAKE
29.06   NL  Ysselsteyn – Jera On Air
30.06.  UK  London – The Dome w/ POLARIS
11.07.  CZ  Vele – Mezirici Fajtfest
02.08.  UK  Guildford – Radar Festival
17.08.  DE  Trier – Summerblast Festival

Watch and listen to the full »Nova« album/video stream on YouTube!

More on»Nova«?
Watch ‘Devil’ here: https://youtu.be/ZPchEFvs4YE
Watch ‘Adore’ here: https://youtu.be/SQEwgUpIxJc
Watch ‘Midnight’ here: https://youtu.be/Et8uMZ_Il30
Watch ‘Drive’ here: https://youtu.be/9DwcP8LoczE

01. Mære
02. Devil
03. Cradle
04. Drive
05. Adore
06. Sonder
07. Amber
08. Breathe
09. Prey
10. Dusk
11. Midnight
12. Brother

The future belongs to POLAR. You’re either in or you’re out.

Getting older is just a fact of life. It’s something we all have to come to terms with, whether we like it or not. With age comes maturity and with maturity comes a new and, in a lot of ways, clearer outlook on life and the things that you care about. The same can be said when it comes to being in a band. When you realise that the music you once made doesn’t reflect who you are today, you need to take the reigns and make that change or be stuck in your old ways forever.

This ethos has sat at the heart of the creation of »Nova«, the new album from London UK post-hardcore heads POLAR. Following on from 16’s stellar »No Cure No Saviour«, this is a new style of statement of intent from the band. Slick, sophisticated and savage in equally devastating measure, its 12 tracks showcase the sound of a band rewriting their history and looking to a bright and belligerent future.
“A nova is described as the brightest burning star and we felt that this album was going to be our brightest material”, guitarist Fabian Lomas explains.
“Before we wrote about things that we saw in the world and were passionate about. Some people even used to think that we were becoming a political band. This time the things we are writing about are much more personal to us. It’s a lot more rewarding. We all have different ups and downs in life and the band and we have such a perfect platform to deliver these feelings. We are touching on some very personal subjects that are close to our heart. As we have got older in life there are different things that happen to us. We have this forum where we can talk specifically about them and when certain people know that certain songs are about them it’s touching for them and rewarding for us.”

Flying out of their cage back in 2009 with a gob in eye and a boot to the temple, the POLAR you see standing before you in 2018, completed by vocalist Adam WoodyWoodford, guitarist Tom Green, bassist Jonny Bowman and drummer Nick Jones, is very different to the beast of previous years. More considered, more straight lined but no less passionate about the art that they are creating, »Nova« shows that they have experimentation on the mind, something which you wouldn’t usually expect from a band who are more inclined to rip your face off than make you think. But the times they are a changing.
“This album has gone lot of deeper into creativeness. The heavier bits and heavier and the choruses are a lot more interesting. It does very much more pop orientated too, but in our own unique way. Where a lot of bands go lighter as they move along, we have arguably got heavier while also being more accessible. There are so many different forms of being heavy after all.”POLAR.
It’s the sort of scope that demonstrates how far the band has come but also how far they still want to travel. Take first single ‘Drive’ for example. Gargantuan riffs and gruff vocals flow effortlessly into lush textures of emotion and electronic twinges. It’s good old-fashioned British hardcore, but not as you know it.

What has come before doesn’t matter because the future is all that is on POLAR’s mind. With ambition at its absolute peak and with the strongest line-up they have ever had in tow, the only way is up and up and up and up. This is the most ferocious, varied and utterly compelling that POLAR have ever sounded, and you would be a fool to not come along for the ride.
“Our aim has always been to be on an upward trajectory”, Fabian Lomas concludes.
“We want this to be the next big step up. We write every album as if it’s our last. That’s the best way that any band can write an album because that’s how you get your best material out. Everyone has stepped up and put forward something creative. It’s the deepest we have ever gone. If you have to turn around and say ‘well that’s it’, you have to be able to say that you gave it your best shot. We need to aim for the stars and land on the moon. ‘Nova’ is basically going to elevate us.”
The future belongs to POLAR. You’re either in or you’re out.

POLAR are:
Adam Woodford | vocals
Tom Green | guitars
Fabian Lomas | guitars
Jonny Bowman | bass
Noah See | drums

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ANNISOKAY release new instrumental album of »Arms«!

Today, Leipzig/Halle, Germany based metalcore power house ANNISOKAY released their intrumental version of their newest album »Arms«!

Buy and/or stream the instrumental album of »Arms« here: https://Annisokay.lnk.to/ArmsInstrumental

01. Coma Blue (Instrumental)
02. Unaware (Instrumental)
03. Good Stories (Instrumental)
04. Fully Automatic (Instrumental)
05. Sea Of Trees (Instrumental)
06. Innocence Was Here (Instrumental)
07. Humanophobia (Instrumental)
08. End Of The World (Instrumental)
09. Escalators (Instrumental)
10. Private Paradise (Instrumental)
11. One Second (Instrumental)
12. Locked Out, Locked In (Instrumental)

ANNISOKAY will be embarking on their summer run soon! Catch them live on many festivals with great acts!
21.06 . D  Trockau – Summercore Fest
29.06.  D   Ferropolis – Full Force Festival
18. – 21.07.  D  Cuxhaven – Deichbrand Festival
26. – 28.07.  D Langen Trechow – Festevil Nopperhof
08. – 10.08  D Lumühlen – Elbenwald Festival
07. – 11.08.  D  Eschwege – Open Flair
30. – 31.08  D  Merseburg – Merseburger Rocknacht
28.09. D  Essen – Rock Musikfest Charity

Watch ‘Nihilist Blues’ now here: https://youtu.be/VLGRymyT-mM
Watch ‘Escalators’ now here: https://youtu.be/_HjplaOeyKY
Watch ‘Sea Of Trees’ here: https://youtu.be/e43DQ6SPQhY
Watch ‘Coma Blue’ here: https://youtu.be/KZ5yRimm13s
Watch ‘Unaware’ here: https://youtu.be/g2K18JkroFs

Order the new album »Arms« here: http://geni.us/AnnisokayArms

ANNISOKAY have laid their musical foundation with a driving rhythmic and melodic backbone that brings to life both soulful singing and aggressive shouting. They’ve toured several times throughout Europe and the UK and even Eastern Europe. The band have played several headlining-shows in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and already established a massive following and an ever-growing fan base. Highlights include sold-out support-shows for PARKWAY DRIVE in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Dave Grunewald | Vocals
Christoph Wieczorek | Vocals / Guitar
Philipp Kretzschmar | Guitar
Norbert Kayo | Bass
Nico Vaeen | Drums

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ROYAL REPUBLIC enter charts in seeral countries and release music video for ’Like A Lover’!

Congratulations! Sweden’s four-man rock sensation and party machine ROYAL REPUBLIC entered the German album charts on #17 with their brand new album, »Club Majesty«! They also entered the Swiss charts on #51, Austria on #68 and also hit the UK rock charts on #10 and indie charts on #29!
To celebrate all the hard work around their new album and to say thank you to all the fans out there, ROYAL REPUBLIC released the music video to their 4th single of »Club Majesty«, ‘Like A Lover’!

Watch the new music video for ‘Like A Lover’ here: https://youtu.be/__yVa3Icul8
Buy »Club Majesty« now!

ROYAL REPUBLIC: “The video was shot in Berlin but the footage was almost completely lost due to a technical malfunction. However, through the miracle of technically skilled people (and money) we were able to salvage much of the footage. 
Thanks to the the amazing dancers. Our friend and constant director Leo Åkesson and all the crew who worked tirelessly through the entire night to make this video happen.
While the song is a little bit of a departure for us musically, somehow it always felt very natural to us. We hope it does for you too.”

How the band decided on the new album title: https://youtu.be/NvGmej1x3LM
About the sound and album progression: https://youtu.be/lvembUqQhoE
Hannes and Adam introduce the band to fans of Nuclear Blast and give them the lowdown on what the band sounds like: https://youtu.be/t2okQxdGyaY

Missed the first singles?
Watch ‘Anna-Leigh’ here: youtu.be/FRg_clmvlE8
Watch ‘Boomerang’ here: https://RoyalRepublic.lnk.to/BoomerangYTPR
Watch ‘Fireman & Dancer’ here: https://RoyalRepublic.lnk.to/FiremanandDancerYTPR

Press quotes:

“…this singularly focused album hustles, struts and sprints unapologetically for the finish line in an exuberant blur of instantly memorable good-time tunes. Club Majesty is smart, funny and impeccably entertaining… Not since the Stones’ Some Girls in 1978 has a rock band stoked a disco inferno with such gusto.” Classic Rock UK

“There’s more than one way to respond to challenging times. The Royal Republic way is to forget everything and dance like a maniac… You can’t kill the disco, they assert, on track two – but when it’s this much fun, why would you want to?” Planet Rock UK

“They tell us we ‘Can’t Fight The Disco’ and they’re so right, so surrender and let this album of the year contender pleasure you; as they also say, “We’re going all in, it’s a win-win.” Certainly is.” Powerplay UK – Album Of The Month

»Club Majesty« European Tour kicks off in October 2019!
Please DO check out the full list of tourdates below, and DO get your tickets now!
Trust us – You do NOT want to miss out on this chin-dig!

»Club Majesty« festival summer 2019:
15.06.19  UK  Donington – Download Festival
21.-23.06.2019  DE  Neuhausen ob Eck – Southside Festival
21.-23.06.2019  DE  Scheesel – Hurricane Festival
30.06.19  BGR  Plovdiv – Hills Of Rock
07.07.19  IT  Bologna – Sonic Park (Weezer Support)
12.07.19  IT  Bolzano – Rock Im Ring
16-17.08.2019  DE  Großpösna – Highfield Festival
16-17.08.2019  DE  Bonn – Green Juice Festival
Sa 31.Aug 19  FR  La Pommeraye – The City Trucks Festival

»Club Majesty european headline tour 2019«:
18.10.19  UK  Norwich – Waterfront`
19.10.19  UK  Nottingham – Rock City
20.10.19  UK  Glassgow – Garage
22.10.19  UK  New Castle – University
23.10.19  UK  Hull – Welly
24.10.19  UK  Leeds – Brudenell Social Club
26.10.19  UK  Manchester – Academy 2
27.10.19  UK  Brimingham – O2 Academy 2
28.10.19  UK  Bristol – Trinity
30.10.19  UK  Southampton – Engine Rooms
31.10.19  UK  London – Electric Ballroom
01.11.19  NL  Eindhoven – Effenaar
03.11.19  FR  La Roche Sur Yon – Le Fuzz’yon
05.11.19  FR  Lyon – Cco
07.11.19  ES  Baercelona – Bikini
08.11.19  ES  Madrid – Sala Cool
09.11.19  ES  Bilbao – Kafe Antzokia
27.11.19  CH  Zurich – Dynamo
28.11.19  CH  Bern – Bierhubeli
29.11.19  AT  Vienna – Szene / Simm City
01.12.19  PL  Krakow – Kwadrat
02.12.19  PL  Warsaw – Stodola
03.12.19  CZ  Prague – Lucerna Velky Sal
05.12.19  HU  Budapest – A38 / Barba Negra
06.12.19  DE  Munich – Zenith
07.12.19  DE  Dresden – Schlachthof
09.12.19  DE  Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
10.12.19  FR  Paris – L’elysee Montmartre
11.12.19  NL  Amsterdam – Paradiso
13.12.19  DE  Cologne – Palladium
14.12.19  DE  Hamburg – Sporthalle
15.12.19  DE  Berlin – Columbiahalle
22.12.19  DE  Stuttgart – Porsche Arena

Save your tickets now:

ROYAL REPUBLIC don’t believe in “guilty pleasures” – only pleasures, free of compromise. Since meeting at the Malmö Academy Of Music in 2007, they’ve become Sweden’s most addictive rock’n’roll export; mixing riffy guitars, king-sized tunes and jet-packed beats with their own eclectic tastes and inimitable joie de vivre. Plus the kind of snazzy suits most of their contemporaries wish they had the balls to pull off. They encapsulate the raw spirit of punk with the hips of James Brown and swaggering braggadocio of James Bond. No wonder they struggle to label themselves! They’ll rock the shit out of you and make you dance like you’ve just won the lottery.

Adam Grahn | vocals
Hannes Irengård | guitars
Jonas Almén | bass
Per Andreasson | drums

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BREATHE ATLANTIS release piano version of ’My Supernova’ off their newest album »Soulmade«!

German alternative rock newcomers BREATHE ATLANTIS released the piano version of ‘My Supernova’ off their newest album »Soulmade«!

Watch the music video for ‘My Supernova (Piano)’ here: https://youtu.be/UmH_TFsiDaU
Get the new single here: https://BreatheAtlantis.lnk.to/MySupernovaPiano

Buy the new album »Soulmade« here: https://BreatheAtlantis.lnk.to/Soulmade

BREATHE ATLANTIS will be embarking on their summer run soon! Catch them live on many festivals with great acts like ANNISOKAY and CRYSTAL LAKE! They will also support CROSSFAITH on certain shows!

13.07. DE Herne – Rockspektakulum
05.08. DE Hannover – Bei Chez Heinz*
06.08. DE Berlin – Bi Nuu*
09.08. DE Oberhausen – Olgas Rock w/ ESKIMO CALLBOY
10.08. DE Herzogenrath – RodaRock w/ CRYSTAL LAKE, FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS
15.08. DE Frankfurt – Das Bett*
28.09. DE Essen – Charity Musikfest w/ ANNISOKAY
*supporting CROSSFAITH

The band released their brand new album »Soulmade« in January this year!

Press quotes:

“Dealing in epic, sweepingly emotional post-hardcore, this German four-piece are setting their sights high on album three. Catch them if you can.”Rock Sound

“With its honest lyrics, catchy hooks and fine-tuned production, Soulmade is Breathe Atlantis’ best work yet and the future is certainly bright for the quartet.” – Discovered Magazine

More of »Soulmade«:
Watch ‘Savage’ here: https://youtu.be/mg4_V6FOiU8
Watch ‘Everyone Else’ here: https://youtu.be/JeCp-78cjI4
Watch ‘Cold’ here: https://youtu.be/UQPBj7Yd1_Y
Watch ‘My Supernova’ here: https://youtu.be/IFw26kKskM8
Watch the making of for ‘My Supernova’ here: https://youtu.be/hOtZ4fhz9lQ
Watch the track by track video for »Soulmade« here: https://youtu.be/Kn3t7ioaIOI

»Soulmade« tracklist:
1. My Supernova
2. Cold
3. Don’t Need You Now
4. Fall
5. Spirit
6. I Think It Isn’t Fair
7. Soulmade
8. Savage
9. At Night
10. Addiction To The Worst
11. Everyone Else

Vocalist Nico Schiesewitz explains: „For us the most important thing was to not push our songs into any certain direction, but let them come to maturity as naturally as possible. On this record we bound ourselves less to any unyielding ideas, but rather put a focus on the quality of each track. This time there was only one thing we were strictly bound to – emotion!“

With a fresh symbiosis composed of R’n’B inspired vocals and a rough rock sound as their trademark, the band’s popularity was sealed when they hit 1.000.000 plays of their last album. With successful singles like ‚Lost‘ and the accompanying music video, which was filmed in New York City, the group of four gained new fans in Europe and America as well as in Japan and Russia.

In collaboration with Dan Korneff (PARAMORE, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, PAPA ROACH, A DAY TO REMEMBER), their latest work, »Soulmade«, shows how the band’s sound has come to maturity;
„For us the most important thing was to not push our songs into any certain direction, but let them come to maturity as naturally as possible“, explains vocalist Nico Schiesewitz. „On this record we bound ourselves less to any unyielding ideas, but rather put a focus on the quality of each track. This time there was only one thing we were strictly bound to – emotion!“

With their diverse compilation of songs, BREATHE ATLANTIS mixes a modern guitar sound with stadium-esque rock hymns. „This album was a mammoth project. We selected our top eleven tracks out of 30 after a long lasting and difficult process. So there are no fillers, only potential singles“, drummer Markus Harazim explains.

With track ‚My Supernova‘, which builds a bridge between hope and desperation, it becomes very clear how much emotion this album holds. Schiesewitz: „For me it was important to approach this project more deeply, and in a more personal fashion – to just be more honest. The lyrics have 100% come straight out of my soul, showing the spiritual abyss hiding within.“
In the following track ‚Cold‘ you can clearly feel the honesty – which is also emphasised with it’s analogue form. Euler: „We totally relinquished the electronical elements here, because everything spoke for itself already!“

Heavy riffs, progressive harmonies and a chorus which unfolds itself in ‚Don’t Need You Now‘ shows clearly where BREATHE ATLANTIS‘ roots lie and yet still spread, revealing a more aggressive side to them.
Drummer Markus says: „The energetic verses just light you up, it’s just perfect to fire up a crowd.“ Followed by ‚Fall‘ which presents an up-tempo rock chorus as well as some „dark pop“ elements. „Especially here our modified guitar sound comes to the fore. The deep dropped tuning combined with a classic rock amplifier nails it!“ Basteck says.
Musically, the song ‚Spirit‘, continues with the pop melodies and never ending hooks, perfectly combining a mix of critical lyrics and an instrumentation, which really makes you want to dance.
„This is one of the most pop tracks on our record, but it’s also one of the most catchy, resulting in us using the odd four-on-the-floor kick and the outstanding melody of the piano.“ – tells Markus.

With ‚I Think It Isn’t Fair‘ the most emotional story on the album is told: „The lyrics were written after my best friend passed away in 2017. This was the hardest time for me, effecting the undertone of the whole record“, Nico says. „This track is dedicated to him and stands as a last clarifying dialogue, which I wasn’t able to have.“
With lots of groove, a falsetto-esque voice and divine guitar delays, their title track »Soulmade« shows a whole new perspective of the band. Detached from their usually dusky sound and opaque subject matter, »Soulmade« portrays more day to day issues. „This was the first title, which directly blew our minds during the writing process!“, Jan remembers.
‚Savage‘ is a typical BREATHE ATLANTIS track, with progressive rhythm parts, outstanding guitar licks and a chorus made to sing along to. It’s classic rock with a fresh outlook.

The melancholic and calmer track ‚At Night‘ follows, which gives the listener a sense of a break from the norm. „Everybody sometimes wishes they could pause everything happening around them, and defer it to another day. But this is incredibly rare to implement, in the fast-paced world we live in nowadays.“, Schiesewitz explains.
‚Addiction To The Worst‘ paves the way further with it’s melancholic yet powerplay refrains, complimented by a compelling choir.

With their final song BREATHE ATLANTIS pulls out all the stops, catching you with their hooks until the very last moment. ‚Everyone Else‘ is big, epic and nails it. Nico: „For me it’s one of the strongest songs on the entire record – it puts across the important message that you have to keep on track no matter what comes your way.“
Despite their passion for working hard in the studio, their hearts also beat for performing live on stage. Bassist Jan Euler adds: „There is no greater feeling than showing the things that you have worked hard on for so long.“

BREATHE ATLANTIS have gained a lot of expirience over the past few years; having played countless shows with big international bands like SUM 41, MEMPHIS MAY FIRE, ATTILA, BURY TOMORROW, CALIBAN or SLAVES, plus excessive touring throughout their country supporting ANY GIVEN DAY, TO THE RATS AND WOLVES on top of festival appearances, including many shows outside of Germany.
Guitarist Joschka Basteck recalls: „My biggest recent highlight was definitely headlining the russian benefiz festival last year. There were more than 15.000 fans celebrating – that’s what we make music for!“

With »Soulmade«, BREATHE ATLANTIS show their spirit and resiliance. With their catchy songs combined with honest emotios,  the future looks promising for the quartet.

Nico Schiesewitz | Vocals
Joschka Basteck | Guitar
Jan Euler | Bass
Markus Harazim | Drums

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ENGST release their brand new music video for ’Koenig’ off their newest album »Flaechenbrand«!

Today, young pop rockers ENGST from Berlin released their brand new music video ‘König’ off their newest album »Flächenbrand«!

In this decade full to the brim of social media, “keeping your mouth shut if you‘ve got nothing meaningful to say” has become a very rare quality. Clever clogs with a penchant for narcism try to explain the world to us on a daily basis, without realising the stress and damage it’s doing to our core. It’s exactly this type of man that ENGST have baptised in their brand new music video for ‘König’ and put him exaggeratedly but humorously in the pillory of society.
In this video the band also proves that they don’t take themslves too seriously from time to time. Fans across Germany travelled for miles to take part in this video, which shows the rising popularity around these four sons of Berlin.

Watch the new music video for ‘König’ now here: https://youtu.be/a7TAo_sbasg
Get the debut record »Flächenbrand« here: https://Engst.lnk.to/Flaechenbrand

ENGST announce their own headline »Flächenbrand Tour 2019« throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland to celebrate their debut record »Flächenbrand« which was released in October last year! NORDN and STADTRUHE will support the band on certain shows.

»Flächenbrand Tour 2019« 
25.10.19 Köln – Helios37 *
26.10.19 Berlin – Bi Nuu *
27.10.19 Hamburg – headCRASH Hamburg *
30.10.19 Münster – Sputnik Café *
31.10.19 Stuttgart – clubCANN *
01.11.19 Bochum – ROTUNDE – Alter Katholikentagsbahnhof *
02.11.19 Frankfurt – Elfer **
03.11.19 Zürich – Werk21 Dynamo Zürich (offiziell) **
05.11.19 München – Backstage München **
06.11.19 Wien – Chelsea **
07.11.19 Nürnberg – Z-Bau **
08.11.19 Dresden – Loco Club **
09.11.19 Leipzig – Bandhaus Leipzig **
Supports: * NORDN & ** STADTRUHE

Tickets are available on Eventim now!

Videos from the debut record »Flächenbrand«:
Watch ‘Träumer & Helden’ here: https://youtu.be/cAhUAXi_00k
Watch ‘Ist Mir Egal’ here: https://youtu.be/DJgSs8lR0Bw
Watch ‘Ich Steh Wieder Auf’ here: https://youtu.be/hyHxmm23qJI
Watch ‘Der Moment’ now here: https://youtu.be/21rlJONsNQs
Watch ‘Optimisten’ now here: https://youtu.be/5OxSW0JFsoo
Watch the track by track video here: https://youtu.be/_74-9_zqNvg

»Flächenbrand« tracklist :
01. Ich Steh Wieder Auf
02. Der Moment
03. Eskalieren
04. Optimisten
05. Ein Sommer In Den Charts
06. Der König
07. Ist Mir Egal
08. Fremdes Elend
09. Morgen Geht Die Welt Unter
10. Mit Raketen Auf Spatzen
11. Träumer & Helden

More of ENGST:
‘Ohne Dich’https://youtu.be/FMiWCBtDiwc
‘Lila Wolken’https://youtu.be/ZO_IJWubP40
‘Auf Die Freundschaft’https://youtu.be/LeQaE0jvopg
‘Hymne Der Verlierer’https://youtu.be/6U57J1eAeKg
Get the digital version of the »Engst« EP here: https://Engst.lnk.to/EP

“We do not fit in any drawer, we are the whole closet!”

That’s how the musicians of the Berlin band ENGST describe themselves, following their own path since two years now. With an unconventional mix of German rock music, a spicy pinch of punk rock, pop elements and catchy melodies, the four guys from the German capital stand out clearly from the unified breadth of the broader music scene. In fact, this band has a lot to say, which is certainly related to the rich past of the four Berlin guys and is clearly reflected in the lyrics of frontman Matthias Engst. He himself grew up in a problem borough of Berlin, where he still lives today, and so most of their songs relate to autobiographical experiences of the 32-year-old singer. He addresses social evils in society and the growing influence of the political right side, against which the frontman and the band clearly site themselves. ENGST make clear that a position against fascism and xenophobia should not be a musical fad and therefore pick up on exactly these topics, without becoming one-sided, clumsy or striking. But also topics such as friendship, love or the little stories of everyday life find their appropriate place in the songs ofENGST.

The keyword “authenticity” is very important for the boys, so it’s not surprising that Matthias Engst rejected a label signing deal in 2015 after winning a music show (“The Band” with Samu Haber) at Germany’s TV channel Pro7because they wanted to turn him into a model-pop star without an own personality. He decided to turn his back on the illusory world of TV and casting shows and to return to his own, not always shimmering and brilliant life, to follow his own visions for his musical career and found a serious band on himself.

ENGST are not only thrown together musicians who storm the stage together, but at the same time friends, family and fans of authentic, handmade rock music. With its rough edges, the band becomes interesting for a wide audience and at ENGST concerts, the boundaries between the stage and the audience are barely noticeable – with flowing sweat, euphorically boiled blood and the urge to sing out loud, it is impossible not to be spellbound by the boys’ pulsing live performance.

In 2017, the band found their fitting home at the label Arising Empire, releasing their first EP »Engst« in the same year. In addition to numerous shows, tour supports and festival concerts, the band constantly released new music videos and frenetically worked on their debut album »Flächenbrand« (Engl. “Major Fire”).

The musicians reveal that this album contains the most intimate and honest moments of their lives. During the production and development process of the songs, each band member had to suffer on private losses and setbacks, which would not have been possible to overcome without the unbelievable team spirit of the boys. The songs explain exactly the “Major Fire” and give an unfiltered insight into the rough and fragile soul of this band. The German guys have remained true to their mix of different facets, however, the album is noticeably heavier than the previous EP. In addition, the album is completed by a guest performance of the singer of the friendly bandMASSENDEFEKT and the involvement of a brass section (who have also made music for THE BOSSHOSS) on two tracks.

Now, finally ENGST‘s time has come to show, without TV cameras and commercial breaks, what they really want to show – authentically, without making a detour and never again determined by others.

ENGST are:
Matthias Engst | Vocals
Ramin Tehrani | Guitar
Chris Dumhard | Bass
Yuri Cernovolov | Drums

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Vishal Khetia on his touring experiences!

Vishal Khetia (bass) from the intrepid British metal quintet HEART OF A COWARD opens up about his challenging experiences on the road!

Learn more here: https://youtu.be/rl_vpxQnKkc

Vishal comments: “Whenever we get show offers, the first thing I think of is: where am I going and will there be other people like me there? I guess it can be intimidating at times in some of the places you go to.” He continues, “Touring definitely does open your eyes up to a lot of that.”

HEART OF A COWARD recently released their fourth full length album »The Disconnect«!
Buy or stream »The Disconnect« here: https://HEARTOFACOWARD.lnk.to/TheDisconnect

Trailer #4 – On Kaan Tasan‘s vocals: https://youtu.be/wZnxHLk-J6A
Trailer #3 – On their hometown music scene: https://youtu.be/v71kiUGJGAw
Trailer #2 – On the themes and sound of their new album: https://youtu.be/0joPmi3SOrA
Trailer #1 – On writing and recording the new album: https://youtu.be/DLHBMfMuYi8

More on »The Disconnect«
Watch ‘Ritual’ here: https://youtu.be/zSZot6o0tY0
Watce ‘Drown In Ruin’ here: https://youtu.be/oSf5Jfv1E5E
Watch ‘Collapse’ here: https://youtu.be/Ni5NUrssC5E

HEART OF A COWARD will be playing three UK festivals: Download Festival, Tramlines Festival and Radar Festival! Tickets HERE!
16th June –  Donington, Download Festival
13th July – Tramlines Festival
2nd Aug – Radar Festival

Press quotes:
“…as ever, the thing that really drives all of HOAC’s music is a seemingly never-ending supply of ingenious, body-moving, concrete-heavy guitar parts from Carl Ayers and Steve Haycock… this is a perfectly executed modern, technical metal album, full of throbbing grooves and thick, taught guitar riffs, with new vocalist Kaan Tasan slipping into Graham’s shoes confidently and admirably.”Metal Hammer

“…the Milton Keynes metallers have put plenty of despair into The Disconnect. Bursting out of the blocks with an Architects-esque dose of fury is thunderous opener Drown In Ruin…The Disconnect is an album brimming with dark passion and heart.”Kerrang

“The Milton Keynes bruisers overcome the departure of vocalist Jamie Graham with this triumphant, fiery comeback – with Kaan Tasan now behind the mic.”Rock Sound

“…once The Disconnect sees the light of day, their status as one of Britain’s most punishing acts will remain intact. In fact, given the quality and maturity of the song-writing showcased throughout this album – the result of a process in which Kaan Tasan was directly involved – Heart Of A Coward might see their audience expand further than ever before… If you turn to metal for cathartic reasons, you can’t afford to sleep on The Disconnect. Wake up, and get ready.” – Metal Injection

“The band steams through the ten tracks of the album like a bulldozer. It has led to the best album of the quintet to date.” – Rock tribune

01. Drown In Ruin
02. Ritual
03. Collapse
04. Culture Of Lies
05. In The Wake
06. Senseless
07. Return To Dust
08. Suffocate
09. Parasite
10. Isolation

»The Disconnect« is HEART OF A COWARD‘s fourth full length album and the first to feature frontman Kaan Tasan. Once again, sound engineers Justin Hill (recording) and Will Putney (mixing and mastering) were involved to make it a roaring success. The writing process for »The Disconnect« has been long and gradual, with initial work beginning in 2017.
Forming the album started with rough instrumental ideas being pieced together – Steve Haycock, guitarist recalled, “The Disconnect was not an easy process to begin with after such an extended hiatus, but once the wheels started rolling it was business as usual. Kaan was really involved with the writing process throughout which gave us a new element to focus on when writing”.
Kaan Tasan, who joined the band in late 2017 agreed, “It was one of the most challenging and rewarding writing processes I’ve ever been involved with. Some tracks just clicked and fell into place, whilst other tracks really pushed us all creatively. It was important for us to get the best out of each other – we really did all go in on this together”.
Discussing the more conceptual aspects of the record, Chris Mansbridge, drummer commented, “The Disconnect refers to the feeling of a complete lack of control over your surroundings and the powers that control your life. It’s the feeling of hopelessness, anger and an inability to relate to the world you live in. Its a record we are all extremely proud of and this marks the next chapter of Heart of a Coward.”

HEART OF A COWARD have come a long way since their inception in 2009 – racking up admirable praise from press and fans alike, not forgetting the countless touring miles under their belts.
Formed in Milton Keynes in 2009, HEART OF A COWARD have released three albums to date; »Hope And Hindrance« (2012), »Severance« (2013) and »Deliverance« (2015). Defined by their sheer power and tenacity, the band are celebrated stalwarts of the British metal scene, known for their dynamic live shows and masterful performances. Their focus has always been on producing crushing, yet discerning heavy music; their sound defined by its combination of pure force and expertise, complimented by more subtle, emotional moments and personal narratives. With the addition of new front-man Kaan Tasan in early 2018, HEART OF A COWARD are excited to herald in a new era, alongside the myriad of possibilities that new creative blood holds.

Kaan Tasan | vocals
Carl Ayers | guitars
Steve Haycock | guitars
Vishal Khetia | bass
Christopher Mansbridge | drums

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COLD SNAP release brand new music video for ’Nothing’ off »All Our Sins«!

Groove metal newcomers COLD SNAP from Croatia released their brand new music video for ‘Nothing’ off their newest Album »All Our Sins«!

Watch the the music video for ‘Nothing’ here: https://youtu.be/oATGgoo7mrA

Buy and/or stream »All Our Sins« here: https://ColdSnap.lnk.to/AllOurSins

COLD SNAP are joining MONSTROSITY on their tour in a few days, and after that they have a run of shows supporting the almighty JINJER!


07.06. – PRAGUE (CZ) Underdogs’
08.06. – LJUBLJANA (SI) Orto Bar
09.06. – VERONA (IT) Pika future club
11.06. – ROMA (IT) Traffic Live
12.06. – PADERNO DUGNANO (IT) Slaughter Club
14.06. – ESSEN (DE) turock – disco, live-club and lounge
15.06. – ROTTERDAM (NL) Baroeg Rotterdam
16.06. – AMSTELVEEN (NL) P60

Supporting JINJER:
(get your tickets at http://jinjer-metal.com/tour)

06.07. – TRIER (DE) Mergener Hof
09.07. – LINDAU (DE) Club Vaudeville
11.07. – WÖRGL (AT) Komma Wörgl

12.07. – ŠIBENIK (HR) Regius Festival

More on COLD SNAP:
‘Fallen Angels’ now here: https://youtu.be/DlUS__QPDX4
‘Witness Of Your Sickness’ feat. Eddie Berg: https://youtu.be/RyakIpaCIWM
‘Distance’: https://youtu.be/f2jJrTKNmrI

The album, which was produced, mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (HEAVEN SHALL BURNMADBALLKATAKLYSMAT THE GATESMESHUGGAH, and many more) in his Antfarm Studios in Denmark includes 12 songs of brutal Groove Metal that speak about various topics from the band members’ various perspectives. Ranging from personal issues, such as watching close family members endure pain and suffering due to illness, to general views of the world as it exists today including people having to flee from their war torn homelands or famous musicains feeling the need to take their own lives. It also includes guest parts of Eddie Berg (violins, vocals) and Harald Barrett (vocals) from IMMINENCE. The artwork for »All Our Sins« was created by Željko Manojlović.

»All Our Sins« track list:
01. Hešto And Pujto
02. Fallen Angels
03. Nothing
04. Demons
05. Crawling
06. Remission
07. 2 4 The System
08. Witness Of Your Sickness
09. No We’re Not Even
10. Pain Parade
11. Hated
12. Distance

The chaos started in the spring of 2003!

As of today, COLD SNAP have done almost 400 shows around Europe, including tours with PROPAINDEAD BY APRIL and EKTOMORF as well as having entered the stages of countless festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Metal Camp, Metal Fest, Metal Days, Sun Valley Metal Fest, Metal Fest Croatia amongst others. So far COLD SNAP has released one EP, »Mea Culpa« (2005, self-released), and 3 LP albums: »Empty Promises« (2008, Dancing Bear Records), »Perfection« (2010, Made In Germany-music, MK II label) and »WORLD WAR 3« (2013, self-released; 2014, Eclipse Records).

The difference between COLD SNAP‘s previous releases and »All Our Sins« lies within the records straight forward approach to the music and ‘in your face’ attitude as the band like to say. The album possesses a fresh and modern sensibility whilst maintining the bands signature heaviness. The addition of a second vocalist allowed the six piece to widen the scope of their sound with the introduction of more prominent screamed and growled vocals, as well as a more groove oriented approach to riffing that melds the familiar bounce of nu-metal with the bands signature cut throat attack.

COLD SNAP‘s music is like a punch in the face. Exuding a weight that is undeniable whilst maintaining a vitality that keeps the band sounding fresh and cutting edge despite the tried and tested style that makes them feel so familiar from the first listen is their true talent. The band’s infectious sound paired with a live show that means they look comfortably at home on the main stage of any large festival is enough to make anyone realise that they are a very real force to be reckoned with and they aren’t showing any signs of stopping.

Jan Kerekeš | vocals
Dorian Pavlović | guitars
Zdravko Lovrić | guitars
Zoran Ernoić | bass
Dario Sambol | drums

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