TUNGSTEN release brand new single ‘The Fairies Dance’ off their upcoming debut album »We Will Rise«!

Swedish metallers TUNGSTEN, formed by Anders Johansson (ex HAMMERFALL), was recently unveiled to the world and signed with Arising Empire. Today, they released their brand new single ‘The Fairies Dance’ off their forthcoming full length debut album to be entitled »We Will Rise«, which will be available on the 20th of September 2019 via Arising Empire!
For the music video TUNGSTEN teamed up with video producer Patric Ullaeus (rEvolver Film Company).

Watch the music video for brand new single ‘The Fairies Dance’ here: https://youtu.be/haS4Kvsx6rQ
Get the song here: https://Tungsten.lnk.to/TheFairiesDance

Pre-order the upcoming album »We Will Rise« as CD or vinyl here: https://Tungsten.lnk.to/WeWillRise

Mike Andersson states: “I love the vibe and atmosphere of this song! How it combines melodic, modern metal with the classic and ancient feel through the melodies. It’s heavy and straight forward, a perfect headbanger tune if I may say so. The lyric is about a guy that ended up in a coma after a serious accident so, the lyric is his ”coma dream”. This song needs to be played LOUD on the stereo!!” 

Missed their first single?
Watch the music video for brand new single ‘We Will Rise’ here: https://youtu.be/hxvXu6X2pZc
Get the song here: https://Tungsten.lnk.to/WeWillRiseSingle

»We Will Rise« tracklist:
01. We Will Rise
02. Misled
03. The Fairie’s Dance
04. Coming Home
05. It Ain’t Over
06. As I’m falling
07. Sweet Vendetta
08. Animals
09. Remember
10. To The Bottom
11. Impolite
12. Wish Upon A Star

Side A
01. We Will Rise
02. Misled
03. The Fairie’s Dance
04. Coming Home
05. It Ain’t Over
06. As I’m falling
Side B
07. Sweet Vendetta
08. Animals
09. Remember
10. To The Bottom
11. Impolite
12. Wish Upon A Star

TUNGSTEN was formed in 2016 by drummer Anders Johansson (ex HAMMERFALL, ex YNGIEW J. MALMSEEN’S RISING FORE) after his sons Karl and Nick Johansson had let him listen to some songs they had composed together. Anders“I really liked the songs. My sons are of course younger than me, and the songs were modern metal, like something I could never come up with. At the same time, I could hear melodies that reminded me of Nordic folk music that made me think of the past. The overall impression was catchy heavy metal with both past and future present. I asked Karl and Nick if they wanted to join me in a band and play these songs with me, and I’m happy that they accepted”.
With drums (Anders), guitars (Nick) and bass (Karl), and newly composed songs, TUNGSTEN asked MikeAndersson (CLOUDSCAPE, ex PLANET ALLIANCEFULLFORCE) to do vocals. Mike has a powerful voice and a varied style of singing and was a perfect fit to TUNGSTEN’s music.

The recording of TUNGSTEN’s debut album »We Will Rise« took place in the summer of 2018. Drums were recorded at Heptagon studios and guitars and bass at Harmstudios. Vocals and choirs later added by Mike»We Will Rise« is produced and mixed by Nick Johansson.
The music on TUNGSTEN’s debut album has influences from the different backgrounds of the members. AndersJohansson is one of the most skilled and experienced drummers in the metal world with a background in listening to DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW, but he also has strong influences from jazz and he plays upright bass. The musical talent was passed on to Karl and Nick who praises bands like RAMMSTEIN and MESHUGGAH. Being from a later generation, they bring modernity and current trends to the music. Mike enjoys a wide variety of bands, from BEE GEES to MESHUGGAH, and listens a lot to different singing styles which contributes to the melodic and varied singing on »We Will Rise«.
The lyrics on TUNGSTEN’s »We Will Rise« also deals with both past and present. Some of them are about fiction and fantasy and tells stories of ancient wars, knights and heroic heroes, whilst others are more realistic and describes everyday life with drama, passion and sorrow, in today’s world.

ARISING EMPIRE and Markus Staiger, who is responsible for the success of many bands, loved the album »We Will Rise« and a contract between ARISING EMPIRE and TUNGSTEN was signed in spring 2019. The record company decided to launch »We Will Rise« later in 2019.
The artwork for »We Will Rise«, as well as the TUNGSTEN logotype, were made by the legendary AndreasMarshall who is known for being the creator behind album covers for bands such as Blind GuardianObituaryand Hammerfall. Andreas also created “Volfram”, the man on the album cover who is holding a guiding lantern and a battle axe. The layout for the »We Will Rise« album was put together by Rainer Kalwitz.
TUNGSTEN recorded three music videos with well-known music video creator Patric Ullaeus. The first one to be released was the title track ‚We Will Rise‘.

Mike Andersson | Vocals
Karl Johansson | Bass & Screams
Nick Johansson | Guitar
Anders Johansson | Drums

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SERDAR SOMUNCU releases new album »SYSPHS« and music video for ‘Sextape’!

Today, extraordinaire cabaretist Serdar Somuncu releases his new album »SYSPHS« together with the music video for ‘Sextape’!

Buy the new album »SYSPHS« here: https://SerdarSomuncu.lnk.to/Sysphs
Watch the music video for ‘Sextape’ here: https://youtu.be/IHS8Al7UYD0

»SYSPHS« is the exact opposite of the screaming persona he portrays on cabaret stages, the Hassias. His new Album is about love in all its varieties. With that Somuncu moves away from his rap albums »Dafür kommt man in den Knast« (2011) and »Wir Beide« (2013): „SYSPHS is the result of a musical evolution towards a wider audience. Music can serve your image and exist within the limitations of a certain genre but it can also be diverse and express who you truly are“.

Cabaretist Serdar Somuncu will be touring Germany and Europe with his new programme »GröHaZ – Der größte Hassias aller Zeiten« in the spring of 2020!

»GröHaZ – Der größte Hassias aller Zeiten-Tour«
27.02.20  Liechtenstein | TAK
28.02.20  Liechtenstein | TAK
05.03.20  Hannover | Swiss Life Hall
06.03.20  Düsseldorf | Mitsubishi Electric Halle
11.03.20  Stuttgart | Liederhalle Beethovensaal
12.03.20  Stuttgart | Liederhalle Beethovensaal
13.03.20  Hamburg | Sporthalle
19.03.20  Berlin | Tempodrom
20.03.20  Berlin | Tempodrom
25.03.20  Frankfurt | Jahrhunderthalle
26.03.20  Frankfurt | Jahrhunderthalle
03.04.20  Nürnberg | Meistersingerhalle
04.04.20  München | Philharmonie
18.04.20  Halle | Steintor Varieté
19.04.20  Wien | Globe
23.04.20  Zürich | Volkshaus
25.04.20  Eupen | Alter Schlachthof

Tickets: http://somuncu.de

Missed the first single?
Watch the brand new single ‘Wir Sind Hier’ here: https://youtu.be/hZZmWmkiU9M
Get the song ‘Wir Sind Hier’ here: https://SerdarSomuncu.lnk.to/WirSindHier

»SYSPHS« Tracklist:
01. Intro
02. Wir sind hier
03. Baby bleib hier
04. Du lügst
05. Lily Girl (ZMX)
06. Interlude Part 2
07. Komm (ZMX)
08. Süchtig
09. Sextape (ZMX)
10. Interlude Part 3
11. In diesem Moment
12. Du bist da
13. Dunkle Liebe
14. Rockstar
15. Outro
Bonus tracks:
16. Komm
17. Du bist da (ZMX)

For »SYSPHS« Somuncu used elements of different genres. The style of the 17 tracks varies somewhere between soul-ballads, dancy pop music, trap and rock and all of them were written and recorded by Serdar Somuncuhimself.
„This time I wanted to control the production myself. A wide range was important. Three people mixed the songs. The hip hop scene is so narrow-minded, so you easily end up with more participants than necessary. I didn’t want to go as far as I went on the last albums and keep it more to myself“, Somuncu comments about the making of »SYSPHS«.

It was settled right from the start that he would again be working with André Fuchs, like on the previous two albums. Fuchs is a DJ and producer based in Cologne, Germany and is mainly known in the rap scene. He was responsible for the four remixes on »SYSPHS«„André is a very important partner for me when it comes to music and he’s a great producer. He does everything just in the way in which I would do it too.“Somuncu explains. The result of his solo project reminds of artist like SealAndreas Bourani or Prince.

»SYSPHS« is about jealousy, being in love, disappointment and passion. ‘Wir Sind Hier‘ is about feeling the high between past and present, living in the here and now. The track ‚Du bist da‘ also sticks out because of the combination of a written and an improvised songtext, inspired by the impro-sessions with Somuncu’s band ThePolitics.
‚Du lügst‘ on the other hand describes the bittersweet realization that you can put your trust in someone even though you already know that you’ll be deceived. But don’t believe that Serdar Somuncu has now become a weary softy – he hasn’t. His trademark is neither the harshness of his stage persona nor the musical analysis of love, but rather the convincing honesty that is behind everything he does.

Short biography
Serdar Somuncu was born in 1968 in Istanbul and is a German musician, author, cabaret artist and director. He studied music, acting and direction. On November 25th, 2011 Somuncu released his first record titled »Dafür kommt man in den Knast« via the label Groove Attack. The album was published in cooperation with the producer and musician André Fuchs from Cologne, who can be heard in one song as guest-rapper under his stage name Onkel ZwiebackSomuncu played all the instruments on the 18 songs himself. As the duo Zwieback & TSomuncu and Fuchs released the rap-album „Wir beide“ on September 19th 2013. Somuncu can be heard rapping together with Fuchs under his pseudonym T or sometimes Scheiß T – a reference to the US-american rapper Ice-T. His third album »SYSPHS« will be released on August 16th 2019 via the label Arising Empire.

Somuncu also published three DVDs (and received gold- status for Der Hassprediger – Hardcore Live!), numerous books, audiobooks and –plays and staged more than 100 plays. He is a common guest to shows likeHart aber fairAnne Will and also a commentator in the heute-show and the heute-journal. In 2020, Somuncuwill celebrate his 33rd anniversary on stage and kicks off a tour with his new material. He returns to the big stages as GröHaZ – the greatest Hassias of all times – uncompromising, determined and with vigilant eyes on everything that happens around him and his community.

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ANTIHELD release acoustic version of the title-track off their upcoming album »Goldener Schuss«!

Today, Stuttgart’s rocker heroes ANTIHELD release the acoustic version of the title track ‘Goldener Schuss’ off their upcoming second full length record »Goldener Schuss«, which will be available on the 30th of August 2019 via Arising Empire! The music video for the acoustic version was already released as a part of the official video for‘Goldener Schuss’.

With the album »Goldener Schuss«, the five guys from Stuttgart, ANTIHELD, cut out both a sound statement and a textual statement. Including the three nicely worked-in interludes, a total of 21 (!) tracks merge into a coherent overall picture that deserves the title concept album. The development of the band to the top literally jumps at you in all facets, although a reduction and return to the bare core is part of this development.

Get the song ‘Goldener Schuss’ (Acoustic) here: https://ANTIHELD.lnk.to/GoldenerSchussAkustik
Pre-order the upcoming album »Goldener Schuss« here: https://ANTIHELD.lnk.to/GoldenerSchuss

Watch the music video for ‘Goldener Schuss’ + Acoustic here: https://youtu.be/CCHkpth4Ppc

ANTIHELD“The escape out of the first crisis & simultaneously the cornerstone for the new Antiheld album. The most bitter, honest and best yet.”

Robin Baumann, Arising Empire“I instantly fell in love with the new album when I first heard it! I am super happy and proud that my Stuttgart neighbours ANTIHELD are now part of the Arising Empire family! The journey has just begun!”

To celebrate their upcoming album »Goldener Schuss«ANTIHELD will be embarking on their big album release tour throughout Germany in October!

»ANTIHELD Goldener Schuss Release-Tour 2019«
03.10.19 – Freiburg – Waldsee
04.10.19 – Kaiserslautern – Kammgarn
05.10.19 – Wilhelmshaven – Pumpwerk
11.10.19 – Frankfurt – Das Bett
12.10.19 – München – Strom
17.10.19 – Dresden – Groovestation
18.10.19 – Bochum – Rotunde
19.10.19 – Köln – Helio37
25.10.19 – Leipzig – Neues Schauspiel
26.10.19 – Berlin – Privatclub
01.11.19 – Hamburg – Hebebühne
02.11.19 – Hannover – Lux
20.12.19 – Stuttgart – LKA

Tickets: https://www.antiheldmusik.com/konzerte/

Missed the first single?
Watch the brand new single ‘Ma Petite Belle’ here: https://youtu.be/wy1LA1ejNwc
Get the song ‘Ma Petite Belle’ here: https://ANTIHELD.lnk.to/MaPetiteBelle

»Goldener Schuss« tracklist:
01. Introduktion
02. Ma Petite Belle
03. Präsidenten
04. Goldener Schuss
05. Interlude I
06. Herz
07. Find What U Love
08. VII
09. Interlude II
10. Mach Mirn Kind
11. Interlude III
12. 99 Luftballons 2019
13. Nie Wieder Lieben
14. Gott
15. Babylon
16. Sonnenkind
17. Vollrausch
18. Ma Petite Belle – Akustik Version
19. Mach Mirn Kind – Akustik Version
20. Mama – Akustik Version
21. Goldener Schuss – Akustik Version

What does a young band do after their debut album, two tours with sold-out shows  all over Germany a home game in front of 1,500 people? Netflix and ‘Ficken für den Weltfrieden’ or maybe move to ‘Berlin am Meer’? Of course nothing like that, because the five guys from Stuttgart, ANTIHELD, stay true to themselves and their Swabian village-metropolis, go back to the rehearsal room and work on new material.
Quickly, it becomes very clear, where the journey is going, the sound is getting rougher and the ever more personal lyrics pinpoint the mood of a generation, incapable of relationships and politically fragile. Each song is like a slap in the face with a kiss and every line a hug with a knife in the back. Logically and consistently, nothing describes this broken, intoxicating transience better than the new album called »Goldener Schuss«.

With Arising Empire a strong and competent partner was found who understood and shared the ideas and visions of the band from the beginning

Luca Opifanti | Vocals & Guitar
André Zweifel | Guitar
Matze Brendle | Bass
Arne Brien | Drums
Henry Kasper | Accordion & Piano

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AVIANA release brand new single ‘Frail’ off their upcoming album »Epicenter«!

Today, Sons of Gothenburg AVIANA following up the successful release of ‘Heavy Feather’, ‘My Worst Enemy’and ‘Red Sky’ with their brand new single ‘Frail’ off their upcoming sophomore full length record »Epicenter«, which will be released on the 23rd of August 2019 via Arising Empire!

Pre-order their upcoming album »Epicenter« here: https://AVIANA.lnk.to/Epicenter

Watch the brand new single ‘Frail’ here: https://youtu.be/9KTeyYRgyNE
Buy or stream the brand new single ‘Frail’ here: https://AVIANA.lnk.to/Frail

AVIANA states: “One week to go but in meantime we give you one of the heaviest songs by Aviana in “Frail” to get you in the mood for “Epicenter””.

AVIANA will be back in Germany supporting ADEPT on their exclusive European Dates celebrating 10 years of their album »Another Year of Disaster«!

»ADEPT – Another Year of Disaster 10 Year Anniversary Tour« (Europe Exclusive)
12.09 Berlin – SO36
13.09 Köln – Essigfabrik
14.09 München – Backstage

Tickets: www.10yearsofdisaster.com

Missed the first singles?
Watch ‘Red Sky’ here: https://youtu.be/ibNSn6_MoIM
Buy or stream the song here: https://AVIANA.lnk.to/RedSky
Watch ‘My Worst Enemy’ here: https://youtu.be/vXk2MQqWbTM
Buy or stream the Song here: https://AVIANA.lnk.to/MyWorstEnemy
Watch ‘Heavy Feather’ here: https://youtu.be/5V4GC8VVESI
Buy or stream the song here: https://AVIANA.lnk.to/HeavyFeather

»Epicenter« tracklist:
01.My Worst Enemy
02.Red Sky
03.Altitude Sickness
05.Heavy Feather
06.Look Away
12.More Than A Name

“The start of a new era!”

After making their mark in Scandinavian Metal scene with the 2017 debut »Polarize«, sons of Gothenburg AVIANA are back in a new shape with their sophomore album »Epicenter« via Arising Empire this August. Despite being under the radar due to departure of their former vocalist, AVIANA is now back with new frontman and vocalist Joel Holmqvist (ex. WALKING WITH STRANGERSOCEANS RED).

Inspired by 90’s Nu-Metal, blending a flawless mix of progressive guitar leads as foundation bringing on a modern era of breakdowns in the majority of their songs, AVIANA is a new type of heavy, a new era of Metal.

In collaboration with Jeff Dunne (FIT FOR A KINGMEMPHIS MAY FIREICE NINE KILLSCRYSTAL LAKE), their latest work, »Epicenter«, is another proof that the Swedes are here to bring us the next level of their generation and the next big name from Gothenburg;
„We‘ve all been listening to a lot of different music the last couple of years, and also while growing up. But I would say a few of the bands that inspired us in writing music on our own is both bands like Limp Bizkit and Deftones, but even Northlane and Eminem“, explains guitarist Marcus Heffler„We are all listening and taking inspiration on a diverse type of music that contributes in our songwriting, but we wanted to find a new fresh sound with Epicenter still sounding like Aviana with Joel, our new vocalist.“

Coming from a progressive side of Metalcore and the last couple of years developed Djent scene, the band have been taking another direction from »Polarize« with the new album »Epicenter« and still managed to keeping theAVIANA vibe to still be there.

Heavier than ever, the Swedes with their hit single ‘Solar’ from the debut album »Polarize« that has been streamed nearly 2,000,000 times on Spotify alone, two years after its release give us another leading example of how fantastic the West Coast based band is to develop yet more hit singles with the first song they are putting out from »Epicenter« with ‘Heavy Feather’.

The track that comes with a fantastic introduction of new vocalist Joel Holmqvist and a futuristic well invested visual music video you can see the band moving around with the »Epicenter« artwork moving in the background while heavy feathers is surrounding the band members.

Despite being around since late 2016, AVIANA have not been touring that much as you might think. Although for being a band that played just about 35 shows in total in their career, the live resume of AVIANA includes touring in the UK and Europe supporting Japanese Metalcore legends CRYSTAL LAKE as well as appearing on festivals like Morecore Festival in Cologne, Germany and True North Festival in Tokyo. While touring Japan in September 2018, the band also played shows together with artists like Australia‘s MAKE THEM SUFFER, Japan’s EARTHISTSPALEDUSK and SAILING BEFORE THE WIND to name a few.

„Our biggest moment in the live career of the band so far was definitely headlining the Omega Stage at the True North Festival 2018. It was our first time outside of Europe, so coming to Tokyo and play our first show on that tour in front of 2500 people at the legendary venue Studio Coast is something that we will never forget. “ says bassistSebastian Colque.

„We are super excited to get back at it again and to finally show the world what we have been working on for such a long time. The next chapter of Aviana together with Joel, the level of our music that we believe so much in and to get back to touring.“ Sebastian adds.

AVIANA will be touring Europe and UK together with THE WORD ALIVE on their 10th Anniversary. A tour that also includes the band’s good friends in MAKE THEM SUFFER and OF VIRTUE this April/May 2019.
„We are all super excited to get back on the road to play our new songs and are really stoked to be releasing»Epicenter« with Arising Empire. It feels like the perfect fit for us together with our new collaboration together with High 5ive Music and Avocado Booking“ vocalist Joel Holmqvist says.

Joel Holmqvist | Vocals
Marcus Heffler | Guitars
Oscar Forsman | Guitars
Sebastian Colque | Bass
Niclas Bergström | Drums

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ANNISOKAY release new music video for ’Good Stories’ off their newest album »Arms«!

Today, Leipzig/Halle, Germany based metalcore power house ANNISOKAY released their brand new music video for ‘Good Stories’ off their newest album »Arms«! The band teamed up with Pavel Trebukhin (TRE FILM) who already shot some of the most beautiful, touching and aesthetic videos within the scene for bands like IMMINENCE, ALAZKA, NOVELISTS, THE OKLAHOMA KID or STICK TO YOUR GUNS.

Watch the new music video for ‘Good Stories’ here: https://youtu.be/_qABWE9VBnw
Order the new album »Arms« here: http://geni.us/AnnisokayArms

ANNISOKAY states: “Which song is your favorite song from our album ‚Arms‘? The most given answer, when we asked this question to our fans, was ‚Good Stories‘! As this song also means a lot to us too and as it is one of our favorites to play live, we decided to give this song a really sick video. 

‚Good Stories‘ is about lies and untrue stories. It’s about the moment where you start believing something, that you made up in your own mind, as long as you just keep living it. We play roles in our lives all the time, but sometimes it’s a role you don’t want to be pushed in. In the video of good stories we tried to visualize this by setting up a film set, and Dave and me (Christoph) becoming actors. So the music video is actually a film within a film. The whole shooting escalates into a dramatic ending, where even the main actor doesn’t know what’s real or fiction.”

Catch ANNISOKAY live on their remaining summer run!
30. – 31.08  D  Merseburg – Merseburger Rocknacht
28.09. D  Essen – Rock Musikfest Charity

ANNISOKAY recently released the intrumental version of their newest album »Arms«!
Buy and/or stream the instrumental album of »Arms« here: https://Annisokay.lnk.to/ArmsInstrumental

»Arms« (Instrumental) tracklist:
01. Coma Blue (Instrumental)
02. Unaware (Instrumental)
03. Good Stories (Instrumental)
04. Fully Automatic (Instrumental)
05. Sea Of Trees (Instrumental)
06. Innocence Was Here (Instrumental)
07. Humanophobia (Instrumental)
08. End Of The World (Instrumental)
09. Escalators (Instrumental)
10. Private Paradise (Instrumental)
11. One Second (Instrumental)
12. Locked Out, Locked In (Instrumental)

Watch ‘Nihilist Blues’ now here: https://youtu.be/VLGRymyT-mM
Watch ‘Escalators’ now here: https://youtu.be/_HjplaOeyKY
Watch ‘Sea Of Trees’ here: https://youtu.be/e43DQ6SPQhY
Watch ‘Coma Blue’ here: https://youtu.be/KZ5yRimm13s
Watch ‘Unaware’ here: https://youtu.be/g2K18JkroFs

ANNISOKAY have laid their musical foundation with a driving rhythmic and melodic backbone that brings to life both soulful singing and aggressive shouting. They’ve toured several times throughout Europe and the UK and even Eastern Europe. The band have played several headlining-shows in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and already established a massive following and an ever-growing fan base. Highlights include sold-out support-shows for PARKWAY DRIVE in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Dave Grunewald | Vocals
Christoph Wieczorek | Vocals / Guitar
Philipp Kretzschmar | Guitar
Norbert Kayo | Bass
Nico Vaeen | Drums

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DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME announce »Death To Pop Tour 2020« and new album »Death To Pop« for October 2019!

DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME announce their »Death To Pop Tour 2020« together with their new and upcoming album »Death To Pop«, which will be released on the 25th of October 2019 via Arising Empire and reveal its album cover!

DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME »Death To Pop Tour 2020«
Presented by:
MusixPowermetal.de, The Mellow Music, Twilight, Rock Hard Magazin

15.01.20  GB   London – Thousand Island
17.01.20  DE   Cologne – Helios 37
18.01.20  DE   Bochum – Rotunde
19.01.20  DE   Frankfurt – Elfer Music Club
21.01.20  DE   Munich – Backstage
22.01.20  AU   Vienna – Chelsea
23.01.20  CZE   Prague – Klub 007 Strahov
24.01.20  DE   Leipzig – Bandhaus
25.01.20  DE   Berlin – Maze
26.01.20  DE   Hamburg – Indra

Tickets: http://bit.ly/2H5BhGV

DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME live at ZDF Fernsehgarten on August 18th!
Tickets: https://ticketservice.zdf.de/veranstaltungen.html

Purchase or stream »Flash & Blood«-EP now here: https://doublecrushsyndrome.lnk.to/FlashAndBlood
More on the EP:
‘I Don’t Like You’https://youtu.be/-A9g3F_MAOg
‘Rebel Yell’https://youtu.be/Qc-HF7f2RDw

DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME – The Return of Rock n´ Roll!

When acclaimed underground talent gets signed by a big player, eyebrows will be raised and questions will be asked.

So, Andy Brings, why are you taking your band, who proclaimed its independence like a mantra, and earned its reputation as a DIY sensation by sailing under jolly roger, to the luxury liner Arising Empire? „Because the right band has found the right company, it´s the perfect gathering of Rock n´Roll maniacs. It feels 100% right! We don´t have to make any compromises whatsoever. On the contrary, they want us to  be different from the rest and remain true to ourselves at the same time!“

And different is what DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME were, when they surfaced in 2013, fronted by singer and guitarplayer Andy Brings (ex-SODOM, ex- THE TRACEELORDS). Without a label or any kind of promotion, but armed with a self-pressed CD in a cardboard sleeve, they began to conquer the stages in and outside of Germany, starting a true Rock n´ Roll rampage. „We go out with the determination to give the people the best rockshow possible! We literally force them to have a good time!“ The band´s energy spread like wildfire, and so they spent the following 3 years on the road supporting acts like Sebastian Bach (SKID ROW), HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, DORO, J.B.O., OHRENFEINDT, W.A.S.P., LOUDNESS and playing countless shows on their own, each and everyone like it would be their last!

Now, what can we expect from the official debut album? „We see ourselves in the tradition of bands like Kiss, Ramones, Skid Row, Motörhead, Mötley Crüe, without even trying to sound like them.”

“It´s our version of Rock n´ Roll, naturally with a huge punk influence in the instrumentation, strong chorusses with an undeniable pop factor, and the power to destroy a small town. One small town per song that is !“ says Brings, without even the slightest indication of a smile. Is the band lacking a sense of humor? „Not at all, DCS is very tongue-in-cheek, and there´s a certain degree of anarchy happening on stage. But we are not a funny band per se, we take what we do very seriously! Still, everybody is supposed to have a good time, on stage and in the audience!“

The spectrum of songs reaches from powerful bombshells such as the band´s anthems ´Die For Rock N´Roll´ and ´Gimme Everything´ to more sophisticated wrecking balls such as ´Can´t You Be Like Everyone Else´ and ´Revolution´ and the most „expensive“ tune ´Ón Top Of Mount Whateverest´. Expensive? Andy Brings: „´On Top…´ stands out because the arrangement is a little more elaborate, with some synthezizer effects here and there, that let it shine a little brighter. We are very proud of that song!“ says, who has also produced and mixed the album.

And the lyrics? Does DCS have anything to say? „We are definately against it! We sometimes forget what it is that we are against in particular, but with a certain amount of punk anger inside you it doesn´t really matter! Just don´t take shit from anybody! But there´s no  political or ideological superstructure in what we do! Our interpretation of Punkrock is not wearing the politically correct brand of streetwear and shouting pseudo-intellectual slogans into the atmosphere. We dress up and want to entertain! Some songs celebrate love, some condemn it. What all songs have in common is never-ending hope and the will to live on your own terms, to love, laugh and cry, with a firm belief that everything will turn out fine. Be strong! Be happy!“

All systems are go, Mr. Brings?

„The enthusiasm of our new partner Nuclear Blast/Arising Empire is a kick in the butt we did not really need, but it´s definately nice to feel the support. Our powerswitch only has a „Full Speed“ and  an „Off“ position, there´s no in-between. We are not scared of anything or anybody, just bring it on! We die for Rock n´ Roll!“

Andy Brings | vocals, guitars
Slick Prolidol | bass, vocals
Jason-Steve Mageney | drums

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AWAKE THE DREAMER – start pre-order for ’Damaged Souls’ and release brand new single ’Atmosphere’ feat. Ryo Kinoshita (CRYSTAL LAKE)

The Swedish metal quintet AWAKE THE DREAMER launched pre-orders for their upcoming debut record »Damaged Souls« today! The record will be released on the 20th of September via Arising Empire! To celebrate this the band also released the music video for their new single ‘Atmosphere’ feat. Ryo Kinoshita (CRYSTAL LAKE)!

Pre-order »Damaged Souls« now here: https://AwakeTheDreamer.lnk.to/DamagedSouls

Watch the music video for ‘Atmosphere’ here: https://youtu.be/kbK4K157ztk
Buy or stream the brand new single here: https://AwakeTheDreamer.lnk.to/Atmosphere



DEADTHRONE – release brand new single ’Revival’ today

Britain’s northern metalcore bruisers DEADTHRONE released their brand new single ‘Revival’ today! The song comes off of their debut record, »Premonitions«, which will be available on the 23rd of August via Arising Empire!

Watch the video for ‘Revival’ here: https://youtu.be/daTjKVgnX3Q
Get the song here: https://Deadthrone.lnk.to/Revival

Pre-order their upcoming album »Premonitions« here: https://Deadthrone.lnk.to/Premonitions

DEADTHRONE states: “REVIVAL is the heaviest song on the album and one of the heaviest we’ve ever written as a band, but we wanted to prove that you can write a heavy song without having to be aggressive and angry. This is a love song, a thank you to the people in your life who stick around when you’re at your lowest point, the people who give you the support and strength you need to pick yourself back up and carry on. It’s self-loathing wrapped up in hope and love for someone else.
The video represents everything we’ve set out to achieve with PREMONITIONS. It’s moments of darkness and despair juxtaposed with moments of light and beauty – a visual representation of the idea that hope and love can help you overcome anything.

More on »Premonitions«:
Watch the video for ‘Time Won’t Wait’ here: https://youtu.be/AFtchtcvxt4
Get the song here: https://Deadthrone.lnk.to/TimeWontWait
Watch the video for ‘Feel’ here: https://youtu.be/A15J2qAh6VQ
Get the song here: https://Deadthrone.lnk.to/Feel

04.Time Won’t Wait
05.Wide Awake
07.Hearts In Our Hands
08.Stand Your Ground
12.Seven Years