BETONTOD – new album ’VAMOS!’ out on August 31

It’s the 28th year of BETONTOD history. A story about five guys from Germany, who set out to conquer the country and its hearts with punk rock. This unconditional will power, which catapulted them to #3 in the German charts with the album »Revolution«, was built upon inspiration and impulse. Now it’s time to deliver another musical punk rock punch! With »VAMOS!«, BETONTOD will release their ninth studio album on August 31st.

Enjoy the new trailer about the album and tour: https://youtu.be/mfCOxxjWUlQ

The dream of five students, who were always considered as slobs throughout their lives, has now become reality. They form a sworn community that is always ready to take the next step. After the first entry into the Top 10 of the German Album Charts with the album »Traum von Freiheit«, the quintet has continued to grow as they play to larger and larger venues. With the new album »VAMOS!«, BETONTOD start a new chapter of the band’s history, being convinced of where their path will lead them, with the perfect mix of punk rock and metal that only exists in the unique form of BETONTOD’s music.

“28 years ago, we did not think that this was possible and it still seems surreal today,” says guitarist Frank Vohwinkel in retrospect. A band is like a relationship. It requires loyalty and friendship as well as a collective vision to achieve what is needed. “It is always a fight between us, with ourselves and with the give-and-take. We’re all learning on a daily basis, becoming more sensible and more willing to compromise – at least within the band.” This consistent and honest approach, along with the preserved punk-rock attitude is what makes them authentic and what helped them to increase step by step since their debut »Hier kommt Ärger« (1999). Winning over fans is always hard but once the people are infected with the BETONTOD virus, they will always remain loyal with the band and identify with its visions, even if they aren’t always comfortable. On »VAMOS!«, BETONTOD are louder than ever, using their voice to full effect.

“We all have children ourselves by now and are beginning to see how the next generation deals with the issues that have always concerned us and they are now confronted with. What we noticed is that there is almost no subculture anymore. At least none that we knew from before, e.g. Punks or Goths… Everything disappears and becomes homogeneous. This is really scary, because no one has the heart to create any chaos anymore and everything is regulated. So it’s important that we all open up and get ready for chaos again! It needs some chaos to create something new and creativity may cause this chaos. Without creativity and chaos, what would be left?”

It took almost two decades for BETONTOD to turn their passion into a profession. »GlaubeLiebeHoffnung« was their step into the spotlight with hits like ‘Stadt ohne Licht’, and its successor, with the significant title »Antirockstars«, manifested their success. ‘Keine Popsongs’ became the band’s anthem and showed their direction of having a heavy sound and a clear opinion.

In the meantime, more than 1,000 concerts have been played, nine studio albums and three live albums have been released, and lots of other things have been done right. When a punk band has played twice at the world’s biggest metal festival, Wacken, it definitely has enough self-confidence to face the successor of a Top 3 album and take the next step. “We have concentrated on what makes us different,” explains Vohwinkel the new direction. “Honest, straight music… In the end it just has to be punk!”

»VAMOS Tour 2018«

05.10.                  D            Berlin – Huxleys Neue Welt
06.10.                  D            Cologne – Kantine
12.10.                  D            Geiselwind – Music Hall
13.10.                  D            Munich – TonHalle
19.10.                  D            Hamburg – Mehr! Theater
20.10.                  D            Frankfurt – Batschkapp
26.10.                  D            Pratteln – Z7
27.10.                  D            Stuttgart – LKA Longhorn
02.11.                  D            Dortmund – Westfalenhalle 3A
03.11.                  D            Leipzig – Täubchenthal

Get your tickets here: http://www.nuclearblast.de/de/produkte/tickets/indoor/ticket/betontod-trinkhallen-tour-2018.html

Summer Festivals 2018:
30.06.              D         Dischingen – Rock am Härtsfeldsee
13.07.              D         Neukirchen-Vluyn – Dong Open Air
04.08.              D         Wacken – Wacken Open Air
11.08.              D         Eschwege – Open Flair Festival
17.08.              D         Georgsmarienhütte – Hütte Rockt Festival
31.08.              D         Niedergörsdorf – Spirit Festival
01.09.              D         Hasenmoor – Flugplatz Hartenholm, Werner – Das Rennen 2018