DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME will play at ZDF Fernsehgarten on August 18th 2019

The “strayed” rockers return to the crime scene – DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME will play at ZDF Fernsehgarten!

It’s THE rock’n roll summer tale of 2019; on the 23rd of June, three allegedly tough guys didn’t want to fit into the usual ZDF Fernsehgarten scene that attracts millions of viewers every week; but instead stood out like a sore thumb despite their black cloth.
The internet flashed over with speculations of how these three rockers covered in tattoos ended up on the Mainzer Lerchenberg. A broken navigation device? Got lost? A wrong turn on their way to the Rammstein concert?

Bild Online solved the puzzle and revealed that this was a private trip by DOUBLE CRUSH SYDNROME (latest album “Die For Rock´n´Roll“, 2017 Top 50 in the German album charts) from the Ruhr area. Vocalist Andy Brings (latest movie: “FULL CIRCLE – Last Exit Rock´n´Roll“) persuaded his band mate Slick Prolidol and their roadie Antionio Scafidi to take a slight detour to the hit-show on the way back home from their concert the day before, due to his guilty pleasure; the schlager music of the 70s and 80s which was the topic of this Sunday’s show. Brings: “I don’t want to hide the fact that the good old schlager music is part of my DNA as well as heavy metal and punk rock music. We had a lot of fun and artists like Andy Borg are absolutely great. For me there is no chiraptophobia. Quite the opposite!”

Brings‘ spontaneous participation at the Schlager quiz with moderator Andrea Kiewel literally made the cut and now the sensation is perfected: On the 18th of August DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME will perform a secret song at the Fernsehgarten show. The band is currently producing the song with living producer legend Uwe Hoffmann (DIE ÄRZTE, SPORTSFREUNDE STILLER) in his Studio in Costa Blanca, Spain.

Andy Brings: “We’re totally shocked! What an honor! We are very happy to perform at this show and we will bring something special with us for this evening. We can’t help but stepping the pedal to the metal. On or off, there’s nothing in between and that’s what we always do: TURN IT UP!”
The band isn’t scared of criticism from their own fans or from the metal community. Brings says: “We always and only do what we want to do. You can’t force us at all. Everything we deliver comes from our hearts. If we want to do something, nothing is impossible. We don’t care about the opinions of narrow minded and deadlocked people. Everyone may see and like us. Rock n’ roll is for everybody and this is a message we like to spread. The reactions on our spontaneous visit at the Fernsehgarten show were pretty positive. We love what we do and we’re really looking forward to our performance. We’ll bring back the action into rock!”

Time has come for a friendly kick in the ass. Even if this rock n’ roll summer dream will find an early happy end on the 18th of August it will soon continue for sure. The world is in need for new rock stars!

DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME live at ZDF Fernsehgarten on August 18th!
Tickets: https://ticketservice.zdf.de/veranstaltungen.html

Purchase or stream »Flash & Blood«-EP now here: https://doublecrushsyndrome.lnk.to/FlashAndBlood

More on the EP:
‘I Don’t Like You’https://youtu.be/-A9g3F_MAOg
‘Rebel Yell’https://youtu.be/Qc-HF7f2RDw

Order the debut album »Die For Rock N’ Roll«, here: https://www.impericon.com/de/double-crush-syndrome.html

Or get the digital version via
iTunes: http://geni.us/DCSDieForRockRollIT
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Google Play: http://geni.us/DCSDieForRockRollGP
Spotify: http://geni.us/DCSDieForRockRollSP

More on »Die For Rock N’ Roll«:
‘I Wanna Be Your Monkey’https://youtu.be/rETxy7GMtu0
‘On Top Of Mt. Whateverest’https://youtu.be/FAYU3aSqv54
‘Gimme Everything’https://youtu.be/-WaXkl-gp7A
‘Die For Rock N’ Roll’https://youtu.be/5aeq7TkJehA

Get the 7″ vinyl single ‘Die For Rock N’ Roll’, here: http://geni.us/DCSDie4RnRVinyl
DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME – The Return of Rock n´ Roll!

When acclaimed underground talent gets signed by a big player, eyebrows will be raised and questions will be asked.

So, Andy Brings, why are you taking your band, who proclaimed its independence like a mantra, and earned its reputation as a DIY sensation by sailing under jolly roger, to the luxury liner Arising Empire? „Because the right band has found the right company, it´s the perfect gathering of Rock n´Roll maniacs. It feels 100% right! We don´t have to make any compromises whatsoever. On the contrary, they want us to  be different from the rest and remain true to ourselves at the same time!“

And different is what DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME were, when they surfaced in 2013, fronted by singer and guitarplayer Andy Brings (ex-SODOM, ex- THE TRACEELORDS). Without a label or any kind of promotion, but armed with a self-pressed CD in a cardboard sleeve, they began to conquer the stages in and outside of Germany, starting a true Rock n´ Roll rampage. „We go out with the determination to give the people the best rockshow possible! We literally force them to have a good time!“ The band´s energy spread like wildfire, and so they spent the following 3 years on the road supporting acts like Sebastian Bach (SKID ROW), HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, DORO, J.B.O., OHRENFEINDT, W.A.S.P., LOUDNESS and playing countless shows on their own, each and everyone like it would be their last!

Now, what can we expect from the official debut album? „We see ourselves in the tradition of bands like Kiss, Ramones, Skid Row, Motörhead, Mötley Crüe, without even trying to sound like them.”

“It´s our version of Rock n´ Roll, naturally with a huge punk influence in the instrumentation, strong chorusses with an undeniable pop factor, and the power to destroy a small town. One small town per song that is !“ says Brings, without even the slightest indication of a smile. Is the band lacking a sense of humor? „Not at all, DCS is very tongue-in-cheek, and there´s a certain degree of anarchy happening on stage. But we are not a funny band per se, we take what we do very seriously! Still, everybody is supposed to have a good time, on stage and in the audience!“

The spectrum of songs reaches from powerful bombshells such as the band´s anthems ´Die For Rock N´Roll´ and ´Gimme Everything´ to more sophisticated wrecking balls such as ´Can´t You Be Like Everyone Else´ and ´Revolution´ and the most „expensive“ tune ´Ón Top Of Mount Whateverest´. Expensive? Andy Brings: „´On Top…´ stands out because the arrangement is a little more elaborate, with some synthezizer effects here and there, that let it shine a little brighter. We are very proud of that song!“ says, who has also produced and mixed the album.

And the lyrics? Does DCS have anything to say? „We are definately against it! We sometimes forget what it is that we are against in particular, but with a certain amount of punk anger inside you it doesn´t really matter! Just don´t take shit from anybody! But there´s no  political or ideological superstructure in what we do! Our interpretation of Punkrock is not wearing the politically correct brand of streetwear and shouting pseudo-intellectual slogans into the atmosphere. We dress up and want to entertain! Some songs celebrate love, some condemn it. What all songs have in common is never-ending hope and the will to live on your own terms, to love, laugh and cry, with a firm belief that everything will turn out fine. Be strong! Be happy!“

All systems are go, Mr. Brings?

„The enthusiasm of our new partner Nuclear Blast/Arising Empire is a kick in the butt we did not really need, but it´s definately nice to feel the support. Our powerswitch only has a „Full Speed“ and  an „Off“ position, there´s no in-between. We are not scared of anything or anybody, just bring it on! We die for Rock n´ Roll!“

Andy Brings | vocals, guitars
Slick Prolidol | bass, vocals
Jason-Steve Mageney | drums

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