ENGST release their brand new music video for ’Koenig’ off their newest album »Flaechenbrand«!

Today, young pop rockers ENGST from Berlin released their brand new music video ‘König’ off their newest album »Flächenbrand«!

In this decade full to the brim of social media, “keeping your mouth shut if you‘ve got nothing meaningful to say” has become a very rare quality. Clever clogs with a penchant for narcism try to explain the world to us on a daily basis, without realising the stress and damage it’s doing to our core. It’s exactly this type of man that ENGST have baptised in their brand new music video for ‘König’ and put him exaggeratedly but humorously in the pillory of society.
In this video the band also proves that they don’t take themslves too seriously from time to time. Fans across Germany travelled for miles to take part in this video, which shows the rising popularity around these four sons of Berlin.

Watch the new music video for ‘König’ now here: https://youtu.be/a7TAo_sbasg
Get the debut record »Flächenbrand« here: https://Engst.lnk.to/Flaechenbrand

ENGST announce their own headline »Flächenbrand Tour 2019« throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland to celebrate their debut record »Flächenbrand« which was released in October last year! NORDN and STADTRUHE will support the band on certain shows.

»Flächenbrand Tour 2019« 
25.10.19 Köln – Helios37 *
26.10.19 Berlin – Bi Nuu *
27.10.19 Hamburg – headCRASH Hamburg *
30.10.19 Münster – Sputnik Café *
31.10.19 Stuttgart – clubCANN *
01.11.19 Bochum – ROTUNDE – Alter Katholikentagsbahnhof *
02.11.19 Frankfurt – Elfer **
03.11.19 Zürich – Werk21 Dynamo Zürich (offiziell) **
05.11.19 München – Backstage München **
06.11.19 Wien – Chelsea **
07.11.19 Nürnberg – Z-Bau **
08.11.19 Dresden – Loco Club **
09.11.19 Leipzig – Bandhaus Leipzig **
Supports: * NORDN & ** STADTRUHE

Tickets are available on Eventim now!

Videos from the debut record »Flächenbrand«:
Watch ‘Träumer & Helden’ here: https://youtu.be/cAhUAXi_00k
Watch ‘Ist Mir Egal’ here: https://youtu.be/DJgSs8lR0Bw
Watch ‘Ich Steh Wieder Auf’ here: https://youtu.be/hyHxmm23qJI
Watch ‘Der Moment’ now here: https://youtu.be/21rlJONsNQs
Watch ‘Optimisten’ now here: https://youtu.be/5OxSW0JFsoo
Watch the track by track video here: https://youtu.be/_74-9_zqNvg

»Flächenbrand« tracklist :
01. Ich Steh Wieder Auf
02. Der Moment
03. Eskalieren
04. Optimisten
05. Ein Sommer In Den Charts
06. Der König
07. Ist Mir Egal
08. Fremdes Elend
09. Morgen Geht Die Welt Unter
10. Mit Raketen Auf Spatzen
11. Träumer & Helden

More of ENGST:
‘Ohne Dich’https://youtu.be/FMiWCBtDiwc
‘Lila Wolken’https://youtu.be/ZO_IJWubP40
‘Auf Die Freundschaft’https://youtu.be/LeQaE0jvopg
‘Hymne Der Verlierer’https://youtu.be/6U57J1eAeKg
Get the digital version of the »Engst« EP here: https://Engst.lnk.to/EP

“We do not fit in any drawer, we are the whole closet!”

That’s how the musicians of the Berlin band ENGST describe themselves, following their own path since two years now. With an unconventional mix of German rock music, a spicy pinch of punk rock, pop elements and catchy melodies, the four guys from the German capital stand out clearly from the unified breadth of the broader music scene. In fact, this band has a lot to say, which is certainly related to the rich past of the four Berlin guys and is clearly reflected in the lyrics of frontman Matthias Engst. He himself grew up in a problem borough of Berlin, where he still lives today, and so most of their songs relate to autobiographical experiences of the 32-year-old singer. He addresses social evils in society and the growing influence of the political right side, against which the frontman and the band clearly site themselves. ENGST make clear that a position against fascism and xenophobia should not be a musical fad and therefore pick up on exactly these topics, without becoming one-sided, clumsy or striking. But also topics such as friendship, love or the little stories of everyday life find their appropriate place in the songs ofENGST.

The keyword “authenticity” is very important for the boys, so it’s not surprising that Matthias Engst rejected a label signing deal in 2015 after winning a music show (“The Band” with Samu Haber) at Germany’s TV channel Pro7because they wanted to turn him into a model-pop star without an own personality. He decided to turn his back on the illusory world of TV and casting shows and to return to his own, not always shimmering and brilliant life, to follow his own visions for his musical career and found a serious band on himself.

ENGST are not only thrown together musicians who storm the stage together, but at the same time friends, family and fans of authentic, handmade rock music. With its rough edges, the band becomes interesting for a wide audience and at ENGST concerts, the boundaries between the stage and the audience are barely noticeable – with flowing sweat, euphorically boiled blood and the urge to sing out loud, it is impossible not to be spellbound by the boys’ pulsing live performance.

In 2017, the band found their fitting home at the label Arising Empire, releasing their first EP »Engst« in the same year. In addition to numerous shows, tour supports and festival concerts, the band constantly released new music videos and frenetically worked on their debut album »Flächenbrand« (Engl. “Major Fire”).

The musicians reveal that this album contains the most intimate and honest moments of their lives. During the production and development process of the songs, each band member had to suffer on private losses and setbacks, which would not have been possible to overcome without the unbelievable team spirit of the boys. The songs explain exactly the “Major Fire” and give an unfiltered insight into the rough and fragile soul of this band. The German guys have remained true to their mix of different facets, however, the album is noticeably heavier than the previous EP. In addition, the album is completed by a guest performance of the singer of the friendly bandMASSENDEFEKT and the involvement of a brass section (who have also made music for THE BOSSHOSS) on two tracks.

Now, finally ENGST‘s time has come to show, without TV cameras and commercial breaks, what they really want to show – authentically, without making a detour and never again determined by others.

ENGST are:
Matthias Engst | Vocals
Ramin Tehrani | Guitar
Chris Dumhard | Bass
Yuri Cernovolov | Drums

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