FARMER BOYS – new single and video clip ’Tears Of Joy’ released

Today, FARMER BOYS release the new single and video clip for the song ‘Tears Of Joy’ from their highly anticipated new album »Born Again«, which will be released on November, 2nd

Guitarist Alex comments: “Tears of joy! It was just perfect! We experimented with a few chord-changes and melodies by Matze, then the initial guitar harmony of the song just came to us and immediately this euphoric-melancholic mood arose.
It also thrives on Timmy‘s super groove and a light up-tempo. I can remember that the verse was originally different, Matze then made a better version – last minute. It took a little bit longer with “Tears” than with others, but it was totally worth it, everything is right on point.

Fronter Matthias Sayer adds: “A memory from the 80s: Dieter Thomas Heck and ‘Formula One’ were like a duty, the ‘Bravo’ magazine, secretly hidden under the bed and ‘Wetten Daß.. ?’ was like a family ritual. A time between sirens exercise, school on Saturdays and Burt Reynold’s moustache. Softball, Rubik’s Cube, Hansi Müller, the first sunlight on the first day of summer holidays and the rattling noise of the blinds being pulled up …a symphony you never ever forget!

Watch the video to the new single ‘Tears Of Joy’ here: https://youtu.be/kTm0ot03HII
Get the single digitally here: https://farmerboys.lnk.to/TearsOfJoy

Also, listen to the single in Nuclear Blast Novelties playlists:

The Tracklist of »Born Again« reads as follows:
01. Cosmos
02. Faint Lines
03. Fiery Skies
04. You And Me
05. Isle Of The Dead
06. Tears Of Joy
07. Mountains
08. Stars
09. Oblivion
10. In The Last Days
11. Revolt
12. Born Again
13. Promises
14. Flaw

Pre-order the album via the following link: https://FarmerBoys.lnk.to/BornAgain