KADINJA new cover-album »DNA« out now and ’Spit It Out’ feat. Aaron Matts now available on all digital streaming platforms!

“The originals are indisputably honored, but at the same time it’s totally out of the question these versions are carbon copies. This is covering songs the way it should be done.”ROCK TRIBUNE

“KADINJA dare to go one step further and reinterpret the classics of Nu Metal in their own, unique sound. It’s not only the sound, but also stylistic elements that find influence… Whether LIMP BIZKIT, KORN, PAPA ROACH or SLIPKNOT, on “DNA” there are ten different acts, which all have influenced the music of KADINJA. Maybe the songs would really sound like this if they had been written in 2019. Who knows?” FUZE

“Kadinja sound like the perfect mix of rock, hardcore and metal with enough drama to satisfy both camps. If they were a vinyl LP, they would be a white-black splatter vinyl LP.”RauteFM, Prog Rocks

“The five Frenchmen manage to infuse some personal favourites from their youth with a healthy dose of Kadinja spice, while staying true to the spirit of the originals. No easy feat, but they did it with passion and style!”ProgSpace

“By the time KADINJA finishes with her oriental version of SYSTEM OF A DOWNS “Aerials” in ballad style, you will wish to return to the nineties.” – krachfink

“A powerful piece of a cover album”WhiteRoom Reviews

Today, progressive metal powerhouse KADINJA from France released their brandnew cover-album »DNA« (Dedication.Nostalgia.Addiction) containing 10 iconic cover songs from late 90’s/early 2000. Through this tribute record, the band added technical and modern metal touches, for a kind of revival of rock/metal masterpieces!
Their take on SLIPKNOT‘s ‘Spit It Out’ featuring Aaron Matts of BETRAYING THE MARTYRS is now available on all digital streaming platforms!

Buy and/or stream »DNA« here: https://Kadinja.lnk.to/DNA
Get your fix of new merchandise here: https://kadinja.bandcamp.com/merch

KADINJA: “For those who know Kadinja and listened to our previous Album « Super 90’ », you know our love for this 90’s era. That period means so much to us, AND each one of those songs can bring back loads of memories, good ones mainly, sometimes bad or painful ones, but we did not forget and we still feel something when we listen to them again. During our tour in asia few months ago, we decided to do a cover. At first it was just one song, just for fun. Then we thought “which one ? How can we pick only one ? Why Not an EP, 4 or 5 songs ?” After talking with our Label Arising Empire for like 5 minutes, and with their support, we finally ended up with a 10 song album… Although we already started working on Kadinja’s third album, an intermediary project like this one excited us a lot. Here is how DNA is born. We picked 10 of the biggest rock/metal bands of the late 90’s, early 2000; bands that were at the very top back then, AND still are for most of them. In 3 months and with all the respect AND love we have for those Artists, we tried to Keep as much as we could of the orignal songs, AND as much as we could of Kadinja. We know we picked bands… It’s either you love them or you hate ; the point is, if fans of those bands like the covers, it’s a win, if those who like Kadinja like the songs, it’s Also a win, if those who hated those bands or songs like these covers, we would have reached a kind of ultimate goal. For those who hate everything, well… We love you anyway! It’s quite easy to understand why we named it DNA. We were listening to those bands 15 years ago, we still do, AND we will 20 years later. Those songs are part of us, of our DNA. This Album is all about dedication, addiction AND nostalgia. Avec tout Notre Amour, kadinja”

More on »DNA«?
Watch ‘Spit It Out’ feat. Aaron Matts here: https://youtu.be/BfL6XxJIF10
Watch ‘Falling Away From Me’ here: https://youtu.be/8zGrCnoNYIQ

»DNA« tracklist:
01. Hot Dog
02. Points of Authority
03. Falling Away From Me
04. My Own Summer
05. This Is The New Shit
06. Spit It Out feat. Aaron Matts
07. Between Angels And Insects
08. Alive
09. Passive
10. Aerials

Kadinja is a progressive Metal quintet founded in Paris in 2013. The same year, in December, the band released its first self-titled EP, followed by many shows and festivals such as Lower Tuned, Tech Fest or Euroblast, with bands that are pillars of the Progressive Metal scene (Heavy Metal Ninja, Skyharbor, Modern Day Babylon, Disperse, etc.).

In the process of creating and framing its style and its technical identity, the band released its first album, »Ascendandy« (Klonosphere/Season Of Mist) in February 2017. This date marks a true beginning in the band’s career, with a warm welcome from the press and the public. Soon after, Kadinja became a reference on the French Metal scene, due to that first album, but also to each member’s personnal career and performances. Few Masterclasses were organised in Europe, in music schools (Music Academy International, etc.) and in festivals (UK Teck Fest, etc.). Several European Tours were booked to promote »Ascendandy«, during which Kadinja had the privilege to share the stage with bands like Animal As Leaders, Devin Townsend Project, Monuments, Vola, Adagio, Klone, Betraying the Martyrs, The Algorithm, etc.

The album »Super 90’« came out on January the 18th, 2019 (Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast). Willing to seduce a larger audience beyond the Metal scene, this album has more of a conceptual approach, more on the Rock side and goes deeper into musical techniques. A large promotion campaign is associated to »Super 90’«, with tours in Europe and Asia, and presence in Los Angeles for the Namm Show 2019.

KADINJA released »Super 90’« earlier this year:
Buy»Super 90’« here: https://Kadinja.lnk.to/Super90
Watch ‘From The Inside’ here: https://youtu.be/TS4GAgRHXwc
Watch ‘The Modern Rage’ here: https://youtu.be/P-nKk3hT2NQ
Watch ‘Empire’ here: https://youtu.be/TJTeoqpmof4

Philippe Charny | Vocals
Pierre Danel | Guitar
Quentin Godet | Guitar
Steve Tréguier | Bass
Morgan Berthet | Drums

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