CRO-MAGS veroeffentlichen neue Single ’From The Grave’ und starten Pre-Order fuer neue, limitierte 7″ EP-Vinyl »From The Grave«!

New Yorks Hardcore Punk Legenden CRO-MAGS veröffentlichen heute ihre neue Single ‘From The Grave’ und starten den Pre-Order für die neuen, limitierten 7″ EP-Vinyls »From The Grave«, erhältlich in vier verschiedenen Farben und verfügbar am 6. Dezember 2019 via Arising Empire!

Sichert euch die limitierten 7″ EP-Vinyls »From The Grave« hier: https://Cro-Mags.lnk.to/FromTheGrave

Pre-save die neue »From The Grave«-EP hier: https://nblast.de/Cro-MagsPreSave
Kauft und/oder streamt die neue Single ‘From The Grave’ hier: https://Cro-Mags.lnk.to/FromTheGraveSingle

Harley Flanagan: “In late 2018 I went in to the studio to start working on a new Cro-Mags album. After recording the first few songs, I got a strange phone call in the middle of the night, that turned out to be from Tony Brummel, Victory Records (to this day I have no idea where or how he got my number).  I thought it was a prank call; it turned out not to be, and I started negotiating a record deal with Victory Records. Arising Empire in Europe later got in touch and with a team of lawyers including Donna Tobin (Frankfurt Kurnit), Dave Stein etc. and the help of Robert Kampf, former CEO of Century Media and his team, we negotiated deals that we are all very happy with. Mike Gitter from Century made the introduction to engineer John Ferrara and Producer Arthur Rizk, and the recording process went into full swing. One of the many things that makes me happy about signing with Victory and Arising Empire, is that they are genuinely fans of my music and know my history; they are not just labels trying to make money off me or the genre.
I know that I am working with the best team, and the best musicians to launch the next era of Cro-Mags.”

»From The Grave« Tracklist:
01. From The Grave
02. PTSD
03. Between Wars

Sichert euch die limitierten 7″ EP-Vinyls »Don’t Give In« hier: https://Cro-Mags.lnk.to/DontGiveIn
»Don’t Give In« Tracklist:
01. Don’t Give In
02. Drag You Under
03. No One’s Victim

Die Geschichte von CRO-MAGS ist im wesentlichen die Geschichte des Hardcore, die Evolution des Punks und die Entwicklung der alternativen Musik Genres wie Hardcore, Cross-Over, Thrash-Metal, Post-Punk und Grunge, um nur ein paar zu nennen. Zahlreiche große Bands von METALLICA bis hin zu GREEN DAY und Persönlichkeiten wie Dave Grohl wurden von CRO-MAGS primär beeinflusst.

In den späten 70er und frühen 80er in der Lower East Side von New York geboren, war CRO-MAGS der Geistesblitz des noch sehr jungen Harley Flanagan (zu dieser Zeit 14 Jahre alt), als er noch bei THE STIMULATORS spielte. 1982/83 schreibt und nahm er seine aller ersten CRO-MAGS Demos auf, die aus vier Songs bestanden und später die Blaupause für das bahnbrechende Album »Age of Quarrel« (1986) wurde. Er schrieb alles selbst, spielte jedes Instrument im Alleingang ein und sang. Lange noch bevor er sich mit Parris Mayhew kurz schloss und zusammen Musik schrieb, sowie weitere Bandmitglieder anheuerte.

Nach mehreren Mitglieder Wechseln, fünf Studioalben (neben den originalen Demos) und über 30 Jahre Tour-Erfahrung rund um den Globus, ist CRO-MAGS eine der meist bekanntesten und einflussreichste Hardcore Bands im ganzen Genre, ohne Ausnahme.


“Der Anfang”

Was jetzt? In Harleys Worten: “Lemmy came to me in a dream and said, ‘Take it back mate, it’s yours, you started it.’ The fact is, I never legally lost the name Cro-Mags, others were using it without my permission, while I was raising my kids. An agreement was struck with the previous members and I regained full control over the name worldwide. Now with an amazing line up and 2 record deals I am moving forward. I have a great team of people behind me; I have never felt stronger, better or more creative.”

Und so kam Bassist Harley Flanagan zu einem Übereinkommen mit Sänger John Joseph und Schlagzeuger Mackie Jayson bezüglich des Rechts am namen CRO-MAGS. Flanagan wird absofort unter dem Namen CRO-MAGS auftreten, Joseph und Jayson unter dem Namen CRO-MAGS “JM”.

2019 unterschrieb CRO-MAGS den Vertrag mit  Victory Records und Arising Empire.

Die Single: besteht aus drei Tracks, ‘Don’t Give In’, ‘Drag You Under’, und ‘No One’s Victim’.

Harley: “The lyrics are meant to inspire and kick you in the ass when you need it. Some might not take them that way, but that’s my intention. Sometimes you need someone to tell you to man-the-fuck-up, or woman-up, cause life ain’t easy and you will get crushed if you don’t. I wrote them more for myself than anyone else, cause sometimes I need to hear these things, as I think we all do.”

Einige von ihnen sind inspiriert durch Verlust, den Verlust von Freunden, durch Selbstmord, Krebs, Leid durch Depressionen, Sterblichkeit und letztendlich die Anmut des Lebens. Du musst in der Lage sein es zu erkennen, selbst wenn Du daran leidest und damit kämpfst. Obwohl wir all unsere persönlichen und individuellen Kämpfe ausfechten, müssen wir nicht alle davon alleine durchstehen, aber viele davon alleine bestreiten. So haben wir, neben unseren natürlichen Bedürfnissen wie Wasser, Essen und Unterschlupft, alle etwas gemeinsam. Wir müssen außerdem lernen mit Leid und Sterblichkeit umzugehen. Einige schaffen es an die Spitze während andere zurück bleiben.

Ich glaube ich bin oft genug abgestürzt, dass ich es irgendwie geschafft habe wieder die Spitze zu erklimmen. I fühl mich stärker und mental, geistig, sowie physisch glücklicher als den je. Aber so ist das Leben – du musst kämpfen um das zu bekommen was Du möchtest und musst außerdem wissen, dass nichts ewig währt.

•             »The Age Of Quarrel« (1986)
•             »Best Wishes« (1989)
•             »Alpha Omega« (1992)
•             »Near Death Experience« (1993)
•             »Revenge« (2000)

CRO-MAGS sind:
Harley Flanagan | Bass/Gesang
Gabby Abularach | Gitarre
Rocky George | Gitarre
Garry “G-Man” Sullivan | Schlagzeug

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SPOIL ENGINE release new single ’The Hallow’ off their upcoming album »Renaissance Noire«!

The female fronted modern-metal quartet SPOIL ENGINE from Belgium and the Netherlands is back with a vengeance!
Today, SPOIL ENGINE released their brand new single ‘The Hallow’ feat. Jeff Walker (CARCASS) off their upcoming album »Renaissance Noire«, which will be released on the 15th of November 2019 via Arising Empire!
The illustrations for »Renaissance Noire« are made by the highly acclaimed artist Adrian Baxter.

Watch the music video for ‘The Hallow’ feat. Jeff Walker here: https://youtu.be/iZxqOyI8vLY
Buy and/or stream ‘The Hallow’ feat. Jeff Walker here: https://SpoilEngine.lnk.to/TheHallow

Pre-order the upcoming album »Renaissance Noire« here: https://SpoilEngine.lnk.to/RenaissanceNoire
Get your fix of new merchandise here: https://shop.spoilengine.com

Rock Tribune: “The Spoil Engine sound washes over you like a wave of brutal freshness”

SPOIL ENGINE: “We’re so proud & humble to have Carcass legend Jeff Walker on this track. The vocal blend of Iris and Jeff is pure grinding gold!”

Watch the music video for ‘R!OT’ here: https://youtu.be/ATZ3Rolfcmo
Buy and/or stream ‘R!OT’ here: https://SpoilEngine.lnk.to/Riot

»Renaissance Noire« tracklist:
01. R!OT
02. Medicine
03. The Hallow (feat. Jeff Walker)
04. Venom
05. Golden Cage
06. Frostbite
07. Warzone
08. No Flowers for a Pig
09. The Void
10. Storms of Tragedy

Emerging from the 90’s Belgian underground hardcore scene, SPOIL ENGINE has been a bridge between modern technical riffing and oldschool badass grooves and breakdowns. The perfect foundation for original singer Niek Tournois who topped this off with his trademark lyrical approach; a blend of growls, screams, singing and everything in between. Always unpredicatable, yet catchy as hell.
This is exactly why -right from the start back in 2004- they were launched into a promising future. Signed to Roadrunner Records, singles in national charts, radio airplay, playing the biggest metal festivals in Europe, etc. This band was fierce, they were coming for you, known for their notorious live shows. Nothing seemed to be able to stop them.

But suddenly the whole thing slowly started to crumble. The bigger SPOIL ENGINE became, the more pressure some bandmembers felt. This resulted in a string of line-up changes spread over many years, and a long search for the right people to fill the gaps. That’s why SPOIL ENGINE is now a female fronted metal band with Iris Goessens standing her ground as the leader of the pack.

Now finally the band is back on track as a solid 4-piece, and their new studio album »Renaissance Noire« shows that their unique style survived all of the changes the band went through. As if the band was feeding on those tumultuous years, they seem reborn. They fought back, and there’s no way around these 10 pure modern metal tracks. Expect the usual punchy riffs, crushing grooves and big sing-along choruses. Only this time it’s harder than ever before, darker than ever before, and more diverse. Everyone went all in.

“We decided to put the past behind us once and for all, and to use our anger & frustration to write the heaviest album we could possibly write. So for the past year we solely concentrated all our focus & attention on the new record. Taking a break from the road gave us the freedom to let this monster grow without any time pressure. We’re finally back, and it feels damn great!” – guitarist & main songwriter Steven Sanders

Known as hard-working DIY maniacs, using their individual talents to get their vision across, SPOIL ENGINE have always colaborated with top notch artists & musicians to add some additional flavor to their albums.
With drummer Matthijs running his own studio and bassist Davy knowing exactly where to take the sound of this album, the band recorded everything themselves, with award-winning producer/engineer Henrik Udd (ARCHITECTS, BRING ME THE HORIZON) taking care of the mix of the album. It sounds massive, while keeping it vivid with an almost live feel.
Singer Iris is a professional vocal coach in daily life and surely knows how to handle her wide range of grunts, screams, shouts and clean vocals. Still the band is honored to have special guest Jeff Walker (CARCASS) adding his personal touch to one of the songs.

“The album title obviously stands for our rebirth out of the dark, and the music is a big fuck-off to all the bullshit we had to deal with. Working with people like this have resulted in a right-in-your-face sounding record. Visually, the ink illustrations totally match my philosophy behind the lyrics. The themes range from social retrospectives to fighting my personal demons.” – Iris Goessens

After multiple international appearances on Wacken Open Air, Graspop, Pukkelpop, Midi China, directly supporting and touring with bands such as MEGADETH, MOTORHEAD, PAPA ROACH, IN FLAMES, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, PRONG, the band is ready to pick up where they left.

»Renaissance Noire« will be released on November 15th via Arising Empire.

Iris Goessens (NL) | Vocals
Steven ‘Gaze’ Sanders (BE) | Guitars
Matthijs Quaars  (NL)| Drums
Davy Vanlokeren (BE) | Bass

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DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME new Album »Death To Pop« out now and release music video for ’Cocaine Lips’!

“… with the new record – punky, snotty, dynamic, authentically strong and damn sexy – he can achieve anything!” – Orkus!

“… above all it spreads good mood and catchy-alarm!” – Rock Hard

“The album delivers exactly what it promises, namely solid, scratchy and loaded rock ‘n’ roll.” – Rock It

“As with the first strike, the themes and stylistic directives of the second record Death To Pop are characterized by self-assured sleaze rock with a daredevil attitude and a slight punk impact” – Metal Hammer

“This is utterly glorious!” – Maximum Volume Music UK

SYNDROME are releasing their new album »Death To Pop«! A clear statement to all washouts and an ode to rock! To celebrate the new record the band also released the music video for ‘Cocaine Lips’!

Buy and/or stream »Death To Pop« here: https://DoubleCrushSyndrome.lnk.to/DeathToPop
Watch the music video for ‘Cocaine Lips’ here: https://youtu.be/39zUQLphKhY

Andy Brings (vocals): “Cocaine Lips” has nothing to do with drugs, but everything with addictive lips and the associated women. It’s a love song. Musically, it’s a bow to the highly acclaimed “Powerpop” genre, and for me it’s the best song on “Death To Pop,” on par with everyone else. Important: the band is not visible in the video, the model is just too pretty to devaluate the clip. There are also other times. Have fun with it!”

DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME »Death To Pop Tour 2020«
Presented by:
MusixPowermetal.de, The Mellow Music, Twilight, Rock Hard Magazin
15.01.20  GB   London – Thousand Island
17.01.20  DE   Cologne – Helios 37
18.01.20  DE   Bochum – Rotunde
19.01.20  DE   Frankfurt – Elfer Music Club
21.01.20  DE   Munich – Backstage
22.01.20  AU   Vienna – Chelsea
23.01.20  CZE   Prague – Klub 007 Strahov
24.01.20  DE   Leipzig – Bandhaus
25.01.20  DE   Berlin – Maze
26.01.20  DE   Hamburg – Indra
Tickets: http://bit.ly/2H5BhGV

More on »Death To Pop«:
Watch ‘Death To Pop’ here: https://youtu.be/3sQ_6QZWdwk
Watch ‘Die Berühmten Drei Worte’ here: https://youtu.be/YUr7EGjw0g8

»Death To Pop« tracklist:
01. Whore
02. Death To Pop
03. Refuse To Kiss Ass
04. Cocaine Lips
05. Souls To Sell
06. I’m In Love With You
07. With Me
08. Mistakes We Love To Make
09. We Cannot Be Ruled
10. Tonight
11. Die Berühmten Drei Worte

Purchase or stream »Flash & Blood«-EP now here: https://doublecrushsyndrome.lnk.to/FlashAndBlood
More on the EP:
‘I Don’t Like You’https://youtu.be/-A9g3F_MAOg
‘Rebel Yell’https://youtu.be/Qc-HF7f2RDw


Long story short: DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME are going to save Rock´n´Roll! That´s right: ´are going to´! Not `want`! If a band is able to balance that easily between yellow press and metal press, and neither at metal festival nor on  mainstream television loses so much as an ounce of credibility that took decades to build, you have to ask yourself: „Gee, who else could save it but them?!“

Fronted by singer and guitarist Andy Brings, a true enfant terrible (`Celebrity Shopping Queen`) and successful filmmaker (`Full Circle – Last Exit Rock´n´Roll`) DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME present their second album, after their debut »Die For Rock´n´Roll« entered the German album charts on position 48 in 2017, and laid the foundation for Rock´n´Roll world domination.

Why is this band different? What makes them stand out and impossible to fully comprehend?
Andy Brings: „We are not here, to fulfill some expectations, or  give the people the usual clichés that have been tried and tested in Rock and Metal for the umpteenth time. We are not influenced by  Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and don´t consider ourselves to be great musicians. We are deeply rooted in Punk and Metal, but we try to write the perfect pop song with our own means.“

The perfect pop song? According to the album´s title pop must die, so what´s the deal here?
Brings: „`Death To Pop` is a great statement, and by that we want to express, that we reject everything which is not truthful and therefore cannot survive. Especially Metal has become terribly boring and predictable, and is spoonfeeding the listener the same ready-made stuff over and over, and became worse pop than pop itself. I´d rather wish death upon bad metal than bad pop, because I don´t give a damn about bad pop. rock and it´s values on the other hand are very near and dear to our hearts.“

And those values are quite obvious on »Death To Pop«: love in all its facettes (‚Whore’, ‚Cocaine Lips’), living a self-determined life, rejection of conformity (‚We Cannot Be Ruled’, ‚Death To Pop’), and the desire for freedom and adventure (‚Tonight’, ‚Souls To Sell’).
Like the debut album `Death To Pop` was produced by Andy Brings, but this time he handed over the reigns to his friend, mentor and legendary producer Uwe Hoffmann. On Spain´s Costa Blanca and in the band´s home in the infamous Ruhr area of Germany an album came to life which Hoffmann regards as „one of the best albums I have ever been involved with“. Given his body of work consisting of countless megahits (DIE ÄRZTE, SPORTSFREUNDE STILLER, TERRORGRUPPE etc.) that says a lot. Andy Brings: „Uwe is the ultimate king for me, I look up to him unconditionally. His word is the law to me. Working with him is the biggest possible artistic fulfillment for me and we are a great team. That goes for my bandmates Slick Prolidol (bass, vocals) and our new old drummer Markus Herzog as well.“

The sound on »Death To Pop« is more mature than before, e.g. by adding female backing singers, so the true grandeur of these minipunkrockmusicals that rarely break the 3 ½ minute barrier can finally unfold. With this bigger line-up DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME wants to go on tour in 2020.
Brings: „We don´t use backing tracks, what you see is what you hear, as a trio or with six people on stage. If we want to play with the DCS BIG BAND we will do it. Our own joy and energy has always been our strongest weapon, besides the songs. We are fully aware that we polarize, but we don´t care. It comes with the territory. Fun fact: everytime a hater actually sees us their knees get weak.“

This band knows no boundaries and/or restrictions, and will definately bring back fun and action into Rock´n´Roll, just when you thought it was safe again.

»Death To Pop«  will be released via Arising Empire on the 25th of October 2019.

Andy Brings | Vocals, Guitars
Slick Prolidol | Bass, Vocals
Markus Herzog | Drums
Lea Christine | Vocals
Stephanie Nix | Vocals
Thilo Hornschildt | Guitars
Dirk Kempka | Drums

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SINK THE SHIP sign with Arising Empire and release brand new single ’Demons’!

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Arising Empire are proud to announce the worldwide signing of Ohio’s powerhouse SINK THE SHIP.
Welcome to the AE-family!
SINK THE SHIP qonquer depression on heavy new single ‘Demons’ and give you an inside about coping with the dark sides of the world.

Watch the music video for the brand new single ‘Demons’ here: https://youtu.be/w4xWK83q1YM
Buy and/or stream the new single ‘Demons’ here: https://SinkTheShip.lnk.to/Demons

Colton Ulery (vocals) states: “It’s about coping with depression and anxiety. It’s sort of broken down into phases. The first verse is sort of reflective and explains how draining living life the way I do can be. The second verse paints a picture of what a panic attack feels like. The choruses are meant to be the light at the end of the tunnel of the bridge between bad times/experiences.”

Just about anyone who has ever encountered adversity can tell you they have their own method of coping. Some people turn to their friends, some people turn to alcohol – or even more potent drugs of abuse – but despite the multitude of choices, almost everyone will tell you that when the going gets tough, they turn to music.

Most people have that go-to album that lifts their spirits when they’re at their lowest, and with SINK THE SHIP’s forthcoming release, most people now have another release to bolster their mood. Taking classic, punchy and powerful easycore and infusing it with renewed energy and a penchant for heaviness, SINK THE SHIP’s name might sound like a downer, but their music is an upper more potent than any chemical money can buy.

SINK THE SHIP erupted into the underground heavy music scene with their energetic, bold and bright post-hardcore and pop-punk infused blend of metalcore in 2012 – and since then, they’ve been sailing stronger and stronger with each passing year. Within two years’ time, the band would release their debut effort »Reflections« a riveting – albeit rough around the edges – EP that spoke volumes to the band’s dedication to creating music true to themselves and worth its weight in powerful, emotive passion.
In the years since, SINK THE SHIP have played alongside bands from every nook and cranny of the heavy music spectrum, including THE PLOT IN YOU, CHUNK! NO, CAPTAIN CHUNK! and the United Kingdom’s ARCHITECTS.
2018 sees the band unveiling a masterful blend of melody, metallic aggression and brazen, bold honesty in the form of their debut full-length record titled »Persevere«.
With tales of adversity, animosity and inspiration aplenty, SINK THE SHIP are a prominent, powerhouse of a band making monstrous waves.

Buy and/or stream »Persevere« here: https://SinkTheShip.lnk.to/Persevere

Colton Ulery | Vocals
Brandon Knerem | Guitar
Zakk Godare | Bass

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IMMINENCE release music video for ‘Erase’ off their new album »Turn The Light On«!

Today, Swedish alternative metalcore outfit IMMINENCE released the brand new music video for ‘Erase’ off their new album »Turn The Light On«!

Watch the brand new music video for ‘Erase’ here: https://youtu.be/5XuDkF_JZ58
Buy the new album »Turn The Light On« here: https://IMMINENCE.lnk.to/TurnTheLightOn

”This time we collaborated once again with Pavel Trebukhin (Tre Film) to create the prequel to the video series of ‘Turn The Light On’. I’m really excited about the result and the addition to the universe we created with our new record.” Eddie

IMMINENCE will be embarking on a huge European tour with their label-mates THE OKLAHOMA KID in 2020! Learn more below!

European album tour 2020
»Turn The Light On: Album Tour Pt. II«
15.01 DEN – Copenhagen, Beta
16.01 GER – Hamburg, Logo
17.01 GER – Munster, Sputnik Café
18.01 NED – Amsterdam, Q-Factory
19.01 ENG – London, Thousand Island
21.01 FRA – Paris, La Boule Noire
22.01 BEL – Aarschot, De Klinker Club
24.01 GER – Trier, Mergener Hof
25.01 GER – Cologne, Gebäude 9
26.01 GER – Stuttgart, Wizemann Club
27.01 SUI – Pratteln, Z7
28.01 ITA – Milan, Circolo Svolta
30.01 AUT – Vienna, Chelsea
31.01 HUN – Budapest, Dürer Kert
01.02 CZE – Prague, Storm Club
02.02 POL – Wroclaw, D.K Luksus
04.02 GER – Hanover, Béi Chéz Heinz
05.02 GER – Dresden, Club Puschkin
06.02 GER – Munich, Backstage
07.02 GER – Frankfurt, Das Bett
08.02 GER – Berlin, Bi Nuu
Tickets on sale: https://bit.ly/2GyPXji

IMMINENCE entered the official German album charts on #91 with their brand new record »Turn The Light On«! Including their successful releases of the songs ‘Paralyzed’, ‘Infectious’, ‘Saturated Soul’ and their fourth single ‘Lighthouse’. Congratulations!

”The new Imminence album is called ’Turn The Light On’ which encourages to shed light on the darkness we carry within. The lyrical theme of the record is inner conflict, self doubt, depression and self destruction. Music has always been, and now more than ever, an outlet and a way for me to cope with these emotions. This is my testimony to my mental ill-health. It is the most soul-baring, personal and important piece of work we have ever made as a band.”Eddie Berg (Vocals/Violine)

Press quotes:


“Turn the light on and commence auditory liftoff – An all-out triumph for a band on the verge of an epic worldwide breakthrough – sweeping and dynamic soundscapes ambitiously unveiled by one the most imaginative metalcore collectives on the planet today.”Highwire Daze

“The release proves to be more furious, darker than its predecessor and allows significantly more rough edges.”Metal.de

“Pure madness. Pure madness what a varied and highly emotional album Imminence unleash on humanity. A magnificent metalcore-record.“Rockmagazine.net

“As a post-Metalcore fan, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth and be provided with a whole lot of diversity.”Moshpitpassion.de

“This successful balancing act between all its sound facets is the perfect business card to win more fans. You will definitely find “Turn The Lights On” in my annual Top 10.”Hellfire-magazin.de

More on »Turn The Light On«:
Watch ‘Saturated Soul’ (Acoustic) here: https://youtu.be/GC6KIxG8Rg8
Buy and/or stream ‘Saturated Soul’ (Acoustic) here: https://IMMINENCE.lnk.to/SaturatedSoulAcoustic
Watch ‘Lighthouse’ here: https://youtu.be/mh4GQq3cL7Y
Watch ‘Saturated Soul’ here: https://youtu.be/gKqfVmz85d0
Watch ‘Infectious’ here: https://youtu.be/UgPujyXPM84
Watch ‘Paralyzed’ here: https://youtu.be/2HKRfKeVS78

»Turn The Light On« tracklist:

01. Erase
02. Paralyzed
03. Room To Breathe
04. Saturated Soul
05. Infectious
06. The Sickness
07. Death Of You
08. Scars
09. Disconnected
10. Wake Me Up
11. Don’t Tell A Soul
12. Lighthouse
13. Love & Grace


The third and highly anticipated album »Turn The Light On« embodies the diversity and vastness in IMMINENCE’s identity of heartrending emotion. A significant milestone in the group’s discography and an exceptional composition of sheer force and fragility that fears no boundaries or constraints.

Since the release of the previous record »This Is Goodbye« (2017), the Swedish alternative metalcore band IMMINENCE have strongly established themselves in the European scene as one of the most up-and-coming and exciting bands on the market today. With the success of their own headline tour and several sold out shows, they have reached a new plateau and are ready to truly distinguish themselves and their sound with their next album.

“The new Imminence album is called Turn The Light On which encourages to shed light on the darkness we carry within. The lyrical theme of the record is inner conflict, self-doubt, depression and self-destruction. Music has always been, and now more than ever, an outlet and a way for me to cope with these emotions. This is my testimony to my mental ill-health. It is the most soul-baring, personal and important piece of work we have ever made as a band.”
Eddie Berg

Fronted by vocalist and violinist Eddie Berg, guitarist Harald Barrett, drummer Peter Hanström and bass player Christian Höijer; IMMINENCE was formed in the southernmost part of Sweden and have over the years become one of the country’s most promising acts with a diverse sound and universe, embracing everything from metalcore to acoustic music. Founded by Eddie and Harald when they were just teenagers, the band grew organically with a constantly expanding fan-base all over the world while touring actively in Europe since the release of the band’s breakthrough single ‘The Sickness’ (2015).

One step backwards, two steps forward. With »Turn The Light On«, IMMINENCE dives right in to themselves and comes up with a collection of songs that covers the wide musical territory that has become associated with the band over the years. The new record mixes the rawness of the band’s hard-hitting, unrelenting instrumentation with the grandiosity and class from frontman Eddie Berg’s unmistakable melodies and violin arrangements. »Turn The Light On« demonstrates a remarkable musical diversity with each and every song being unique in its sound and message, creating a forcefield that embodies the entity that undoubtedly is Imminence.

“It has been two years of incredibly hard work and song writing leading up to Turn The Light On. This album was not about moving forward as much as moving inwards. It was about finding ourselves and showing what Imminence is all about. I believe it encapsulates and defines our sound over these years as a group. The creative process was anything but easy and gave me a lot of time for soul-searching, both musically and personally. Having waded through the darkest time in my mind for the better part of creating these songs and writing these lyrics, the music was the thing I held on to and that kept my head just above the surface long enough to catch my breath. The same way that it became a light in the dark for me, I hope that others may find the same in listening to our songs. That is what this album is, a symbol of hope. I truly think it all comes together as our best release as a band to date.”
Eddie Berg

”Even though we worked harder and more intensely than ever before, the writing process has been liberating and unhindered. I could wake up in the morning and feel inspired to write a song with a completely different approach than the one we wrote the day before, and I think both me and Eddie did our very best to keep our minds open throughout the writing of the album. There were really no rules applied. We actually never had a concrete idea of how we wanted the record to turn out, which was a bit worrying at the time. We had made a huge step in to another musical direction with This Is Goodbye and the road ahead was unclear. With time, we saw Turn The Light On taking shape right before our eyes and knew that all we had to do was to trust our own instincts and creativity.”
Harald Barrett

»Turn The Light On« was written and produced by guitarist Harald Barrett and vocalist Eddie Berg together, with drummer Peter Hanström writing additional drum parts and arrangements. The songs were mainly recorded at Alias Studio in France by Bert and Eric Poncet who further helped to engineer and produce the album. Drums were produced by Christian Svedin and recorded in Studio Mega, Sweden, while additional recordings of choirs and strings were recorded by the band in both Germany and at their home studio in Sweden.
The mix and master was done by Henrik Udd (winner of Best Producer at Heavy Music Awards 2017). During the years he’s been working with tons of talented bands and musicians and has been mixing, mastering, produced and recorded some of the most critically acclaimed albums with acts such as ARCHITECTS, BRING ME THE HORIZON, AT THE GATES, DELAIN, POWERWOLF, I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN, HAMMERFALL and many more.

”When I heard Henrik’s first mix draft, I was instantly convinced. It was all there and I had the feeling that he understood what we wanted to achieve with the new songs. Henrik delivered a production that was absolutely massive, yet elegant and authentic, without losing the organic touch and identity of us as musicians.”
Harald Barrett

From the deep, dark blue background of IMMINENCE’s ferocious and chaotic debut album I to the simplistic and jagged, colorful bird of the modernistic and melodic sophomore album »This Is Goodbye«, once again the band have worked with the same innovative designer Jakob Koc to create the artwork for »Turn The Light On«.

“Jakob is a long term friend of the band and it felt natural that we should ask him before anyone else. At this point he’s practically a part of Imminence, being so influential in the look and outcome of our visual universe since the start. There’s something about his simplistic approach that speaks to and corresponds with me deeply. He has continually developed alongside with the band and I think he really outdid himself this time. The artwork is a perfect representation of the lyrical theme, with the beautiful and bright façade concealing something much darker beneath, paired with the distinctive icon that symbolizes hope and light in the dark. Symbols have virtually become something of a trademark sign of the band and this one is definitely my favorite so far.”
Eddie Berg

Eddie Berg | Vocals/Violin
Harald Barrett | Guitar
Alex Arnoldsson | Guitar
Christian Höijer | Bass
Peter Hanström | Drums

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LIONHEART release new single ’Rock Bottom’ feat. Jesse Barnett off their upcoming album »Valley Of Death«!

In cooperation with Arising Empire, California’s hardcore legends LIONHEART released their third single ‘Rock Bottom’ feat. Jesse Barnett (STICK TO YOUR GUNS) off their upcoming full length record »Valley Of Death«!
»Valley Of Death« will be released on the 15th of November 2019!

Watch the brand new music video for ‘Rock Bottom’ feat. Jesse Barnett here: https://youtu.be/o-yYbEpBUqc
Get the song here: https://LionheartCA.lnk.to/RockBottom

Pre-order the upcoming album »Valley Of Death« as CD or exclusive limited vinyl via Impericon or Coretex here: https://LionheartCA.lnk.to/ValleyOfDeath

LIONHEART will be embarking on their big European headline tour with DEEZ NUTS, KUBLAI KAHN, OBEY THE BRAVE and FALLBRAWL in November!

LIONHEART »Valley Of Death European Tour 2019«
07.11. NL Haarlem, Patronaat
08.11. DE Hamburg, Gruenspan
09.11. BE Hasselt, Muziekodroom
10.11. FR Lyon, CCO
11.11. FR Paris, Gibus
12.11. CH Zürich, Dynamo
13.11. DE Karlsruhe, Substage
14.11. DE Berlin, SO36
15.11. DE München, Backstage
16.11. DE Köln, Palladium*
17.11. DE Hannover, Faust
18.11. CZ Prag, Meet Factory
19.11. HU Budapest, Dürer Kert
20.11. AT Wien, Flex
21.11. DE Nürnberg, Z-Bau
22.11. DE Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
23.11. DE Leipzig, Haus Auensee*
Tickets: www.LionheartCA.com

»Valley Of Death« tracklist:
01. Valley of Death
02. Burn
03. For The Record
04. Rock Bottom (feat. Jesse Barnett)
05. When I Get Out
06. Born Feet First
07. Stories From The Gutter
08. Before I Wake (feat. Mr. Jet Black)
09. In My Skin
10. Dragging Heaven

Missed the first singles?
Watch ‘Burn’ here: https://youtu.be/j_IRDMRjFhQ
Get the song here: https://LionheartCA.lnk.to/Burn
Watch ‘Valley Of Death’ here: https://youtu.be/Ild6uEyf1Dg
Get the song here: https://LionheartCA.lnk.to/ValleyOfDeathSingle

Bay Area, California’s reigning kings of heavy hardcore first stormed onto the scene in 2007 with their debut album: »The Will To Survive«. Taking influence from bands like BLOOD FOR BLOOD, HATEBREED, and MADBALL; LIONHEART came out swinging with a full blown assault of blistering metallic hardcore. They quickly followed it up with 2010’s »Built On Struggle«, 2012’s »Undisputed« and years of nonstop touring.

Following a short break after the release of »Undisputed«, the band came back stronger than ever with 2014’s »Welcome To The Westcoast«. The album debuted at #1 on both iTunes Metal and GooglePlay metal charts. Lionheart stormed onto the scene again in January 2016 with »Love Don’t Live here«. The album title, a nod to a classic R&B/ Motown song by the same name, shows the bands unwillingness to conform to the typical „hardcore mold“, as well as the bitter and unforgiving lyrical content the band is known for.
November 2017 saw Lionheart unleash »Welcome To The Westcoast II«. A sequel to »Welcome To The Westcoast« (2014), the album brought forth a new era in California Hardcore, and saw them again debut at #1 across the iTunes Metal charts and Google Play metal charts.

Now, after two years of relentless touring around the globe, Lionheart returns with their most punishing album to date: »Valley Of Death«. Backed by a combination of blistering metallic hardcore and heavy west coast groove, front-man Rob Watson offers a window into a life of torment, violence, and an unrelenting will to overcome.

Rob Watson | Vocals
Nick Warner | Guitar
Walle Etzel | Guitar
Richard Mathews | Bass
Jay Scott | Drums

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NOVELISTS FR release brand new single ’Head Rush’ and start pre-order for new upcoming album »C’est La Vie«!

Today, modern progressive metal outfit NOVELISTS FR released their brand new single ‘Head Rush’ and launched pre-orders for their new upcoming album »C’est La Vie«, which will be available on the 24th of January 2020 via Arising Empire!
NOVELISTS FR will be on tour with BEING AS AN OCEAN in November 2019!

Pre-order the upcoming album »C’est La Vie« here: https://Novelists.lnk.to/CestLaVie

Watch the music video for the brand new single ‘Head Rush’ here: https://youtu.be/uK73Q22Ncuw
Buy and/or stream the new single ‘Head Rush’ here: https://Novelists.lnk.to/HeadRush

BEING AS AN OCEAN »The Proxy European Tour 2019«
Special Guests: NOVELISTS FR, AFTERLIFE (Nov 1 – 7), DREAM STATE (Nov 10 – Dec 1)
01.11.19 Belgium Antwerp Zappa
02.11.19 France Paris Backstage
03.11.19 UK Nottingham Rescue Rooms
04.11.19 UK Manchester Club Academy
05.11.19 UK London Islington Assembly Hall
06.11.19 UK Glasgow Classic Grand
07.11.19 UK Leeds Key Club
10.11.19 Germany Köln Kantine
11.11.19 Switzerland Winterthur Salzhaus
12.11.19 Germany München Backstage
13.11.19 Germany Nürnberg Z-Bau
14.11.19 Austria Wien Grelle Forelle
16.11.19 Hungary Budapest Instant
17.11.19 Germany Berlin Lido
18.11.19 Germany Leipzig Conne Island
19.11.19 Germany Hamburg Knust
20.11.19 Sweden Gothenburg Fängelset
21.11.19 Sweden Stockholm Spinnrocken Södertälje
22.11.19 Denmark Copenhagen Beta
24.11.19 Germany Münster Sputnikhalle
26.11.19 Germany Karlsruhe Substage
28.11.19 Spain Barcelona Sala La Nau
29.11.19 Spain Bilbao Sala Fever
30.11.19 Portugal Lisbon Time Out Studio
01.12.19 Spain Madrid Sala Independance
Tickets: https://www.eventim.de/artist/being-as-an-ocean/

»C’est La Vie« tracklist:
01. Somebody Else
02. Deep Blue
03. Lilly
04. Modern Slave
05. C’est La Vie
06. Head Rush
07. Kings Of Ignorance
08. Rain
09. Human Condition

‘Eyes Wide Shut’ here: https://youtu.be/eQyXKsUQSn8
‘L’appel Du Vide’https://youtu.be/1mQx85jewBo
‘A Bitter End’https://youtu.be/gOwSdDh1NsE
‘Under Different Welkins’: https://youtu.be/HvuVrWucEdI
‘The Light, The Fire’https://youtu.be/OgSmY4DCSCM
Playthrough of ‘Heal The Wound’https://youtu.be/RCPRMxTfxqQ
Order the album »Noir« (2017) here: https://Novelists.lnk.to/Noir
Order the album »Souvenirs« (2015) here: https://Novelists.lnk.to/Souvenirs

NOVELISTS FR started early 2013 when Florestan and Amael Durand met former A Call To Sincerity members Matteo Gelsomino, Nicolas Delestrade and Charles-Henri Teule. Starting strong with the release of 6 singles, one every two months, which created the foundations for a strong and loyal fanbase from the get-go, NOVELISTS FR then released their debut album on Arising Empire in november 2015.

After touring Europe extensively with bands like For Today, Breakdown of Sanity, Dream on Dreamer, Silent planet etc.. NOVELISTS embarqued on a summer of 2017 tour with established bands WHILE SHE SLEEPS and NORTHLANE. Best way to conclude the »Souvenirs« (2015) album cycle. Finally back with a follow up album soberly named »Noir« released September 8th via Arising Empire in Europe and Sharptone records in the USA. This concept album, shows a growing maturity in the band’s music and confirms them as a very promising young band in the modern metal scene.

After supporting the album in Europe on tours with Make them Suffer, Eskimo Callboy, aswell as on their own headliner tour, 2018 brings new opportunities for the band, a headliner tour in Asia, and also their touring debut in the U.S.A. with Like MothS To Flames. In the summer of 2019, the band announces some changes had to be made on the name due to legal issues.

In October 2019, Novelists FR announces their new album would be released in January of the following year, after a month long Europe tour with Being As An Ocean.

NOVELISTS FR has become, in only a few years, a rising star within the progressive metal scene, and it seems they are now ready to confirm it by releasing their highly anticipated third effort.

Matteo Gelsomino | Vocals
Florestan Durand | Guitar
Nicolas Delestrade | Bass
Amael Durand | Drums

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MISTER MISERY debut album »Unalive« out now and release music video for ’Alive’ and announce »MISTER MISERY – The Unalive Tour 2020«!

“Welcome to the new shock horror rock and metal generation.” – Rock Tribune

“A killer gothic circus show performing a soundtrack between Metalcore and Visual Kei. This mixture has never been heard or seen before!” – METAL HAMMER

“Here comes the new alternative metal sensation from Sweden! Horror and theatrical melodies in a mix between early Avenged Sevenfold and Wednesday 13.” – Rock Hard IT

“A super energetic album filled with very catchy, steaming songs that I won’t be able to get out of my system in the coming months.” – AARDSCHOK

“This is how I actually imagine a newcomer band in 2019.” – Hardline

“Once in a while a composition comes along that immediately grabs you. That happened to me in recent months with ‘My Ghost’ by Mister Misery. Is it the melody? Or the tempo? It’s a bit indescribable why ‘My Ghost’ made such an impression on me, but fact is, I can’t get enough of it. Musically you can feel the influence of eighties rock. A bit of Joan Jett and a bit of Def Leppard, but mega-strong. Mister Misery released one of the best debutalbums this year.” – Rock Portaal

“The melodies are carving their way unstoppably into the auditive ear tunnels and so there is one hit following the other. That’s what entertainment on a top-notch level looks and sounds like!” – Legacy

“I think Mister Misery, if the forces of evil are on their side, will sink their teeth into the bloody prize they so seek.” – All about the Rock UK

“Every track of “Unalive” will haunt your head for a long time to come! Newcomer of the month!” – ORKUS! Magazine

“They’re going to take the scene by storm with “Unalive”.” – Sonic Seducer

MISTER MISERY from Stockholm, Sweden released their first ever full length record »Unalive«! To celebrate »Unalive« the band released the music video for ‘Alive’ and announce their own big headline-tour for 2020!

Buy and/or stream 
»Unalive« as CD or vinyl here: https://MisterMisery.lnk.to/Unalive
Watch the music video for brand new single 
‘Alive’ here: https://youtu.be/vuruUqV9Wkw

MISTER MISERY“We are so excited to finally release Unalive to the world. It has been such a crazy ride since the beginning of this year and we are eternally grateful for this amazing opportunity that has been given to us! We have worked so hard to make this happen and it would not have been possible without the amazing support from our fans and our labels Arising Empire & Contra Promotion.
This has been a dream of ours since we were kids and to see our band take shape in such a rapid pace is unbelievably amazing to us.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! We’re gonna keep doing this for many, many years to come! We hope that you enjoy our latest music video “Alive” and blast our debut album “Unalive” til your neighbours lose their minds.

Last but not least, we are maniacally excited to tell you that we are going on a headline tour in February called “The Unalive Tour” and can’t wait to start next year with our second, headline tour!

Much love from all of us in Mister Misery,

Harley, Alex, Rizzy & Eddie”

Markus Staiger (CEO Arising Empire): “Mister Misery from Sweden soon come up with their amazing debut album which could be described as a mixture of glam rock, metal and a touch of gothic! Marilyn Manson fans as well as all other heavy rockers should watch out and check the first clip „My Ghost“ – a phenomenal video production by Patric Ullaeus (The 69 Eyes, Dimmu Borgir, Within Temptation, Arch Enemy,  etc) This young band from Stockholm will kill it, it has been a long time ago where I was so excited about a brand-new band!”

Contra Promotion“We are very happy to welcome such a talented new Metal band as Mister Misery to our Artist Roster. The voice, combined with the songwriting and look of the band make Mister Misery an act with a very high, unique identity, which sets them apart from other acts in the genre. This convinced us to work with Mister Misery and we are sure that this band has an eventful future ahead of them.“

»MISTER MISERY – The Unalive Tour 2020«
13.02.20 DE-Hamburg headCRASH

14.02.20 DE-Bochum Rotunde

15.02.20 FR-Paris Backstage by the Mill

17.02.20 DE-Cologne Helios 37

18.02.20 DE-Saarbrucken Garage

19.02.20 DE-Stuttgart Wizemann 

21.02.20 CZ-Prague Club 007

22.02.20 AT-Vienna Chelsea

24.02.20 CH-Zurich Werk21

25.02.20 DE-Munich Backstage

26.02.20 DE-Berlin Maze

28.02.20 DE-Leipzig Bandhaus

29.02.20 DE-Hanover LUX

02.03.20 DE-Wiesbaden Schlachthof

MISTER MISERY will support BEYOND THE BLACK on their big European tour 2019 in October/November!

»BEYOND THE BLACK Heart of The Hurricane European Tour 2019«
w/ special guest 
10.10.2019 AT  Dornbirn Conrad Sohm

11.10.2019 DE  München Backstage

12.10.2019 CH  Zürich Komplex 457

13.10.2019 AT  Wien Szene

15.10.2019 DE  Stuttgart LKA Longhorn

16.10.2019 DE  Saarbrücken Garage

18.10.2019 DE  Berlin Astra

19.10.2019 DE  Leipzig Hellraiser

20.10.2019 DE  Hamburg Große Freiheit 36

22.10.2019 DE  Hannover Capitol

23.10.2019 DE  Oberhausen Turbinenhalle 2

25.10.2019 DE  Geiselwind Music Hall

26.10.2019 DE  Köln Live Music Hall

27.10.2019 DE  Wiesbaden Schlachthof

29.10.2019 UK  Bristol Exchange

30.10.2019 UK  Manchester Rebellion

31.10.2019 UK  London Bosten Music Room

01.11.2019 NL  Endschede Metropol

02.11.2019 FR  Paris Petit Bain

Tickets: www.eventim.de

More on 
Watch the music video for brand new single 
‘The Blood Waltz’: https://youtu.be/svwrrY9iN3Y
Watch the music video for brand new single 
‘My Ghost’: https://youtu.be/ccxbK4ZVUeg

»Unalive« tracklist:

01. The Blood Waltz

02. You And I

03. Tell Me How

04. My Ghost

05. Legion

06. Dead Valentine

07. Alive

08. Rebels Calling

09. Stronger

10. Live While You Can


Side A
01. The Blood Waltz

02. You And I

03. Tell Me How

04. My Ghost

05. Legion

Side B
06. Dead Valentine

07. Alive

08. Rebels Calling

09. Stronger

10. Live While You Can

MISTER MISERY is a four piece metal band from the streets of Stockholm, founded in February 2018 by Harley Vendetta & Alex Nine. By blending high energy riffs with anthemic choruses and ripping guitar solos, they have managed not only to create a hype in the underground metal community, but also caught the attention of renowned founder of Nuclear Blast/Arising Empire, Markus Staiger, leading the band to sign a record deal with Arising Empire in 2019.
In addition 
MISTER MISERY has also signed with booking company Contra Promotion, housing bands such as NIGHTWISH, ANTHRAX, THE 69 EYES and many more.

 just finished their self produced and mixed debut album, »Unalive«, that will shock the world as a first representation of a brand new band. Hungry to light a fire inside the hearts of the restless and broken around the world, MISTER MISERY not only delivers musically but pushes boundaries in their theatrical and chaotic performances. Resurrecting the wild spirit of the 80’s while also incorporating horror elements and classical composition, MISTER MISERY proves to be a promising virtuous and maniacal newcomer in the alternative metal scene.

Their brand new debut record »
Unalive« reflects the emotions and struggles of a journey taken by the four members, including death, jail time, abandonment, drugs and poverty. Through every individual experience they’ve managed to turn that misery into something inspiring, and with that inspiration managed to pull themselves up from the dirt and given life to what they now call MISTER MISERY.
The album title itself is inspired by their undead, vampiric look and it’s their way to depict visually what it felt like for them to be metaphorically dead on the inside.

In collaboration with 
Arising Empire and Contra Promotions, MISTER MISERY will kick-start their career and promote their debut album »Unalive« worldwide on October 4th 2019.
The future looks bright for these young metalheads and with a European tour starting October 10th to November 3rd they will end their most successful year so far.

“This would not have been possible if not Markus Staiger and the amazing team at Arising Empire and Contra Promotions believed in the band as much as they have. We are all very humbled and excited to start this journey together with the Arising family and all these talented people around us”- says Harley, Alex, Eddie & Rizzy

With »
Unalive«, MISTER MISERY shows their musical talent and showmanship right from the start of the journey, not holding back on anything. With their catchy choruses, insane writing and guitacomposition, with elements from every musical genre known to man, they are starved for stardom and to show the world how metal and rock is still alive and kicking in the 21st century.

Harley Vendetta | Vocals/Guitars
Alex Nine | Guitars
Eddie Crow | Bass
Rizzy| Drums

More info: