SERDAR SOMUNCU signs with Arising Empire – releases brand new single ‘Wir Sind Hier’ – announces pre-order for upcoming album »SYSPHS«!

Fotograf : Paul Schirnhofer

Arising Empire are proud to announce the worldwide signing of extraorinaire cabaretist, novelist, director and passionate musician Serdar Somuncu! Welcome to the family!
Today, Serdar Somuncu release his first single ‘Wir Sind Hier’ and launches the pre-orders for his new and upcoming third album »SYSPHS«, which will be available on the 16th of August 2019 via Arising Empire!
»SYSPHS« is the exact opposite of the screaming persona he portrays on cabaret stages, the Hassias. His new Album is all about love in all its varieties. With that Somuncu moves away from his rap albums »Dafür kommt man in den Knast« (2011) and »Wir Beide« (2013): „SYSPHS is the result of a musical evolution towards a wider audience. Music can serve your image and exist within the limitations of a certain genre but it can also be diverse and express who you truly are“.

Pre-order the upcoming album »SYSPHS« here: https://SerdarSomuncu.lnk.to/Sysphs

Watch the brand new single ‘Wir Sind Hier’ here: https://youtu.be/hZZmWmkiU9M
Get the song ‘Wir Sind Hier’ here: https://SerdarSomuncu.lnk.to/WirSindHier

Cabaretist Serdar Somuncu will be touring Germany and Europe with his new programme »GröHaZ – Der größte Hassias aller Zeiten« in the spring of 2020!

»GröHaZ – Der größte Hassias aller Zeiten-Tour«
27.02.20  Liechtenstein | TAK
28.02.20  Liechtenstein | TAK
05.03.20  Hannover | Swiss Life Hall
06.03.20  Düsseldorf | Mitsubishi Electric Halle
11.03.20  Stuttgart | Liederhalle Beethovensaal
12.03.20  Stuttgart | Liederhalle Beethovensaal
13.03.20  Hamburg | Sporthalle
19.03.20  Berlin | Tempodrom
20.03.20  Berlin | Tempodrom
25.03.20  Frankfurt | Jahrhunderthalle
26.03.20  Frankfurt | Jahrhunderthalle
02.04.20  Nürnberg | Meistersingerhalle
03.04.20  Nürnberg | Meistersingerhalle
04.04.20  München | Philharmonie
18.04.20  Halle | Steintor Varieté
19.04.20  Wien | Globe
23.04.20  Zürich | Volkshaus
25.04.20  Eupen | Alter Schlachthof

Tickets: http://somuncu.de

»SYSPHS« Tracklist:
01. Intro
02. Wir sind hier
03. Baby bleib hier
04. Du lügst
05. Lily Girl (ZMX)
06. Interlude Part 2
07. Du bist süchtig
08. Komm
09. Sextape
10. Interlude Part 3
11. In diesem Moment
12. Du bist da
13. Dunkle Liebe
14. Rockstar
15. Outro

For »SYSPHS« Somuncu used elements of different genres. The style of the 17 tracks varies somewhere between soul-ballads, dancy pop music, trap and rock and all of them were written and recorded by Serdar Somuncu himself.
„This time I wanted to control the production myself. A wide range was important. Three people mixed the songs. The hip hop scene is so narrow-minded, so you easily end up with more participants than necessary. I didn’t want to go as far as I went on the last albums and keep it more to myself“, Somuncu comments about the making of »SYSPHS«.

It was settled right from the start that he would again be working with André Fuchs, like on the previous two albums. Fuchs is a DJ and producer based in Cologne, Germany and is mainly known in the rap scene. He was responsible for the four remixes on »SYSPHS«. „André is a very important partner for me when it comes to music and he’s a great producer. He does everything just in the way in which I would do it too.“, Somuncu explains. The result of his solo project reminds of artist like Seal, Andreas Bourani or Prince.

»SYSPHS« is about jealousy, being in love, disappointment and passion. ‘Wir Sind Hier‘ is about feeling the high between past and present, living in the here and now. The track ‚Du bist da‘ also sticks out because of the combination of a written and an improvised songtext, inspired by the impro-sessions with Somuncu’s band The Politics.
‚Du lügst‘ on the other hand describes the bittersweet realization that you can put your trust in someone even though you already know that you’ll be deceived. But don’t believe that Serdar Somuncu has now become a weary softy – he hasn’t. His trademark is neither the harshness of his stage persona nor the musical analysis of love, but rather the convincing honesty that is behind everything he does.

Short biography
Serdar Somuncu was born in 1968 in Istanbul and is a German musician, author, cabaret artist and director. He studied music, acting and direction. On November 25th, 2011 Somuncu released his first record titled »Dafür kommt man in den Knast« via the label Groove Attack. The album was published in cooperation with the producer and musician André Fuchs from Cologne, who can be heard in one song as guest-rapper under his stage name Onkel Zwieback. Somuncu played all the instruments on the 18 songs himself. As the  duo Zwieback & T, Somuncu and Fuchs released the rap-album „Wir beide“ on September 19th 2013. Somuncu can be heard rapping together with Fuchs under his pseudonym T or sometimes Scheiß T – a reference to the US-american rapper Ice-T. His third album »SYSPHS« will be released on August 16th 2019 via the label Arising Empire.

Somuncu also published three DVDs (and received gold- status for Der Hassprediger – Hardcore Live!), numerous books, audiobooks and –plays and staged more than 100 plays. He is a common guest to shows like Hart aber fair, Anne Will and also a commentator in the heute-show and the heute-journal. In 2020, Somuncu will celebrate his 33rd anniversary on stage and kicks off a tour with his new material. He returns to the big stages as GröHaZ – the greatest Hassias of all times – uncompromising, determined and with vigilant eyes on everything that happens around him and his community.

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